Merry Christmas, OK?

In case you haven't noticed, let me fill you in: there are people out there who believe in a "War on Christmas." Their logic: every time you say "happy holidays," you could be saying "Merry Christmas," so you've decided to leave Christ out of the holidays. It's called a "War" because it's orchestrated by a sinister cabal of crazed left-wing communist secularists like, oh, Target and Home Depot. The save-Christmas crowd even has its own book, written by a Fox News anchor.

Well, it's Christmas savin' time again, and this year a Raleigh Pastor is on the case!

"As a Christian minister, I see the attempt to de-Christianize Christmas as part of a much more sinister plan to de-Christianize America," Wooden said.

He and the Upper Room church took out a full-page ad in The News & Observer last week saying, "Christmas is as American as Mom's Apple Pie and the Fourth of July." | Local & State

See, if you were thinking that Christmas came from Nazareth, then you've already been brainwashed! The true Christmas Warrior doesn't let facts get in the way of the mission:

"This is a quintessential issue of religious freedom," [Mike] Johnson [of the Alliance Defense Fund] said.

The American Family Association's lead Web site story urges Americans to boycott Target.

"Target doesn't want to offend a small minority who oppose Christmas," reads the news release. "But they don't mind offending Christians who celebrate the birth of Christ, the Reason for the season."

A Target spokeswoman said the company has no policy banning employees from wishing customers a "Merry Christmas." Neither has it banned the word "Christmas" in its holiday advertising and marketing.

"Target has used the word Christmas as recently as last year in both music and in store marketing," said Kristi Arndt, the spokeswoman. | Local & State

Ah, see that? See how the Target lady tries to trick us with her facts? Onward, Christmas Soldiers!