Methods and Capabilities

Well looks like I have caused my first inter-party squabble. Seems like my plan to blog about the VAN has caused some concern about revealing too much about the NCDP “methods and capabilities”. I don’t agree with these concerns but since we all have more important things to worry about now, like electing a Democratic Congress, I will not be writing any more about the VAN.

For some fun reading, check out the Google links on the GOP Voter Vault database and ask yourself do we even come close to this. Note that one of the top five links is to the NCGOP web site.



Looks like the veil of secrecy has spread far and wide!

Nice try anyway.

Enemy Combatant

Good thing I am not a Republican and was blogging on the Voter Vault. I might have been declaired an Enemy Combatant and ended up in Gitmo.