Mill Hill

The Nation magazine recently came for a visit to Biscoe, the headquarters of my campaign for Congress, and they saw first hand how devastated our Congressional District is:

It's a bright, mellow, short-sleeve April evening in the troubled pinelands of south central North Carolina. Except for the waspish drone of lawnmowers and the occasional whoosh of a car sliding along Highway 220, this town of 1,700 is almost eerily quiet--partly because, with gas costing what it does, people can't afford to do much driving around. But it's mostly because of the big yawning silence at the center of Biscoe, where the mill used to be.

The Associated Press has ranked our District one of the most economically devastated in the nation.

"How can you know what's going on without knocking on these doors?" Kissell says, tromping through another soft green lawn, beaming at an elderly black couple kicking back on their front porch. "How can you know what these people are going through without talking to them?"

When I remind folks that we in North Carolina's 8th District can't do it alone, it's probably an understatement. We have great support, wonderful volunteers and a sense of pride and resolve that did lead to one of the closest races in the nation last cycle in spite of the monetary challenges.

All the populist energy and empathy in the world couldn't quite make up for Kissell's dearth of funds. He fell short by just 329 votes--and announced, as he conceded, that he was running again. This time, with the economic tornadoes still striking his district and its 30 percent black population registering to vote in record numbers--a major emphasis of Barack Obama's North Carolina campaign--the DCCC is making the 8th District a target. The money will buy Kissell some much-needed big media, but it won't change the way he walks the populist talk.

The Nation saw it first hand. There are so many challenges facing our people. If you have the means, please don't let funding this people-powered campaign to take our country back be one of them. You can make a difference. Please help.


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Larry Kissell
Democratic Candidate for Congress
North Carolina's 8th District

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