The installation of a partisan hack as president of the UNC system may finally be the wake-up call students and faculty need to get off their collective asses and raise holy hell. Cut from the same piece of rotten wood as DHHS head Aldona Wos, Margaret Spelling promises to finally dismantle an institution that has served our state well for generations.

Spellings' mile-long record of incompetence, mismanagement, and political drama is a perfect resume in the eyes of GOP leadership, which is why they rushed to appoint her. Just as Pat McCrory rushed to name a light-weight gadfly as poet laureate a few month back.

Some are saying to give Spellings time to see what she actually does. That would be a recipe for disaster. We already know what she does. She politicizes everything she touches. She looks for ways to move public assets into the hands of private special interests. And, frankly, she doesn't care in the slightest about the financial and academic challenges facing students today.

It's been decades since I had hope that students and faculty at UNC would actually give a shit about those who oversee their system., and I'm not optimistic they'll do anything now. This might be a wake-up call, but I doubt it. McCrory's poet laureate resigned from embarrassment. Margaret Misspellings will simply dig in he heels.