Monday News: Blaming the victim


NC "INFLUENCERS" LUMP GOVERNOR COOPER IN WITH LEGISLATURE ON DIVISIVENESS: Overwhelmingly, the NC Influencers — Democrats, Republicans and those with no party affiliation — said the legislature, Gov. Roy Cooper, and Congress should strive for bipartisanship as they craft policies. State politics has been marked by heated partisan battles between the Republican-led legislature and Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper. Cooper has gone to court multiple times to challenge the legislature’s attempts to limit his power. Some major laws pass with only Republican votes. “The governor has the most significant platform in the state to affect the public policy ecosystem,” Stith said. “Gov. Cooper should implement a policy-based initiative focused on the jobs/economy, education and health care. Litigation and railing against the NC legislature may meet political muster, however it does little to address the pressing issues facing the citizens of North Carolina.”

SOUTHPARK SUSAN TAKEN INTO CUSTODY AFTER RUNNING AWAY TO THE BEACH: Authorities say a white woman in North Carolina whose racist rant against two black women having car trouble in an affluent area is facing charges she communicated threats and misused the 911 network. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police tell news outlets that 51-year-old Susan Westwood was served with outstanding warrants Saturday after contacting police in coastal Sunset Beach. Westwood disappeared after the Oct. 19 incident in a parking lot of her Charlotte apartment complex. It wasn't immediately known if she had a lawyer who could comment for her. Video went viral of her berating black neighbors she didn't recognize while they waited for AAA. Leisa and Mary Garris called police twice to report Westwood was harassing them. Westwood also called 911, telling the dispatcher she would pay $2,500 "to get them out of here," according to authorities.

VOTING DAY WEATHER IN NC IS SHAPING UP TO BE DANGEROUSLY UGLY: “There is a chance for showers and thunderstorms. ... A 60 to 80 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms,” NWS meteorologist Doug Anderson told The State Sunday. “There is a risk of severe thunderstorms.” That severe weather could include pockets of heavy rain, flooding and the chance of isolated tornadoes, according to Anderson, who said it is expected to affect the Midlands from early-to-mid-day Tuesday. The greatest threat from the severe weather will be “straight-line wind gusts,” which Anderson said could be as powerful as 60-70 mph. He said wind gusts that strong can cause damage to trees and power lines. The weather will be the product of current patterns in the Carolinas that will be affected by a cold front pushing through that will result in increased moisture, Anderson said. It will move up from the area near the Georgia-South Carolina border, and head north through the Palmetto State before hitting North Carolina.

UTAH MAYOR DEPLOYED TO AFGHANISTAN SHOT BY ONE OF HIS OWN TRAINEES: Brent Taylor, 39, had taken a yearlong leave of absence as mayor of North Ogden north of Salt Lake City for his deployment to Afghanistan. He was a military intelligence officer with Joint Force Headquarters and was expected to return to his mayoral job in January. Another U.S. military member whose name was not immediately made public was wounded in Saturday's attack that killed Taylor, who died from wounds from small arms fire, military officials said. Maj. Gen. Jefferson S. Burton, the adjutant general of the Utah National Guard, told reporters that Taylor's mission was to help train and build the capacity of the Afghan national army. Utah media outlets cited a statement from NATO saying that Taylor was shot by one of the commandos being trained and that the attacker was killed by Afghan forces.

THE WORST OF THE WORST: CRIMINAL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES AND THEIR BIGOTED CAMPAIGN ADS: Representative Duncan Hunter, Republican of California, who is running for re-election while facing a 57-count campaign finance law indictment, chirpily approved a false advertisement accusing his Palestinian-Mexican-American opponent, Ammar Campa-Najjar, of trying to “infiltrate” Congress with help from the Muslim Brotherhood. Representative Chris Collins, Republican of New York, who is under indictment on insider trading charges, has not backed off a xenophobic spot showing his opponent, Nate McMurray — who is married to a naturalized South Korean citizen — speaking Korean. The commercial went on to claim falsely that Mr. McMurray wanted “fewer jobs for us” and more “for China and Korea.” Here in Florida, white supremacists, who have long been content to deliver their hateful messages via obscure chat boards and fliers placed beneath windshield wipers, are getting into the act. An Idaho-based Nazi group dutifully followed legal disclosure requirements in its vile robocalls against the Democratic candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum.



I don't see how ...

... anyone can compromise the NC GOP.

It's not a "difference of opinion" when the GOP wants to legislate you out of existence or take away your basic rights, like voting.

Fuck working across the aisle and bipartisanship - there's nothing to discuss when one side wants you dead.

Roger that.

And I don't give a flying fuck what they say, when they turn around and vote across the board for crap like HB2, or Amendment One, or for slashing unemployment benefits down to couldn't-survive-in-the-3rd-world levels, or any number of other hateful policies, their true nature is revealed.

Luckily, we've (mostly) purged the NC Democratic Party of bigoted assholes, but that took a hell of a lot longer than it should have.