Mooresville Mayor asked to resign

But apparently asking isn't enough:

The Mooresville Board of Commissioners voted 6-0 Monday to ask Mayor Chris Montgomery to resign over hundreds of romantic e-mails he sent from his public account to a woman who isn't his wife.

Those "cheatin' heart" e-mails don't say much about the man's character, but if they had been sent to his wife? Probably wouldn't have raised an eyebrow. Not trying to sympathize or justify, but when the real conflict of interest plays second fiddle to infidelity and e-mail misuse, a lot more people may need a refresher course on ethics in government:

The Observer reported this week that Montgomery also applied for a job with a development company seeking tax reimbursements from the town.

He has said sending his resume to the developers of the $800 million Langtree at the Lake community was foolish. He did not vote in a unanimous Jan. 18 grant of a $325,600 reimbursement to Langtree from a special utilities assessment.

It was more than just foolish, it was an attempt to use your elected office for personal financial gain.


Sticking to the Republican Game Plan?

No doubt another Republican sticking to the usual Republican game plan......." Never resign even when you are caught giving candy to a little boy on City Hall steps.......