More strong-arm tactics at the General Assembly

It's a good thing the Governer is in charge of NC's National Guard, and not the wing-nuts:

North Carolina General Assembly police
officers were brought in to keep the peace after parents of children with disabilities were unhappy a meeting ended before they could speak about a bill that would change how Medicaid services are offered.

I believe one of the GA's finest had to protect Fletcher Hartsell from a wheelchair-bound lady as well, but I could have merely dreamed that part. ;)


Exactly one person was

Exactly one person was allowed to comment. Is this the way the Republicans do business? I'd say there was good reason to be upset.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Yeah, if they had allowed

even a third of those folks to speak their piece, I doubt if the rest would have been too upset. But just one? That's an intentional slight, and the GOP knew it would be.

We shouldn't be surprised.

The "Honorables" have never done too well by Children with disabilities. That's the first place in the budget that gets cut.