Moribund McCrory whines about paid protesters

NBC is scraping the bottom of the barrel:

EUGENE ROBINSON: Well, look, but the party is going to the left. I mean, that's, you know, you see what's happening out there. You see these protests every week. It has really sort of energized the Democratic sort of coalition in the way that, frankly--in the way that the Tea Party did on the right.

FMR. GOV. PAT MCCRORY: Follow the money. Follow the money. You know, Senator Sanders mentioned the money going to the Tea Party. The money is going to the Bernie Sanders wing. Do you think all these protests are not being paid?

Follow the money! He actually said that. We've been following Myers Park Pat's various money trails since before NC screwed up and made him Governor, and he's damn lucky he didn't end up in jail like Patrick Cannon did. I guarantee you if the FBI had attempted even the most obvious of stings, they would have caught that particular dumbass fish. As to the "paid protests," Greta fried his little theory:

EUGENE ROBINSON: But paid protests--

FMR. GOV. PAT MCCRORY: It takes money to coordinate these protests.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: No it doesn't. It takes the internet. It takes the internet to coordinate. But, you know what, this is political--

FMR. GOV. PAT MCCRORY: No, it takes money.

Whatever NBC paid McCrory for his contributions to the conversation, they might as well have just flushed that money down the toilet...



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