MULTIMEDIA: Cal Cunningham Files for U.S. Senate

Cunningham Announcing his Candidacy
"Our inability to name (Burr's) achievements after sixteen years in Congress is because he hasn't given this job the vigor that it demands or requires." -Cal Cunningham, announcing that he has filed to run for the seat currently held by Senator Richard Burr.

Cal Cunningham Announces his candidacy for US Senate
Surrounded by his parents, Calvin and Julee, his wife Elizabeth and daughter Caroline, Cal announces his campaign.


Campaign manager Rick Fromberg races Will Cunningham to his Dad's speech.

Cunningham Announces his Senate Bid

Elizabeth and Caroline Cunningham at the announcement speech.


Cal speaks with TV reporters following his comments.

An excerpt of Cal's remarks.




Cold, but fun, and a long time coming!

I've been working alongside Cal and his family for most of the last year so this was so fulfilling to be a part of.

Next up, marching in the snow at HKonJ tomorrow morning in Raleigh!