Must read: Gene Nichols' comprehensive indictment of GOP governing

Ten charges that encompass hundreds of bad acts:

1. Tragically refused to expand Medicaid. Merely to show disdain for President Obama, they’ve denied health care to a half million poor Tar Heels though the federal government would pay almost all the fare. Hospitals have closed, tens of thousands of jobs have been lost, over $30 billion in federal funds are surrendered and a thousand or more of us die each year as a result of one of the most cruel and indefensible decisions in N.C. history.

Please read the entire article. It is extensive, but these things must not be ignored or forgotten. While #1 above is easily the biggest life-and-death failure on the GOP's part, it's just the tip of the iceberg:

5. Initiated the nation’s most appalling crusade against poor people. Despite burgeoning poverty and hunger rates, enacted the sharpest cut to unemployment compensation in history, ended the earned income tax credit, drastically cut food-stamp eligibility, abolished legal aid appropriations, sharply reduced child care subsidies and greatly increased regressive sales taxes – all to cut taxes for the wealthy. As if it’s no longer thought unworthy to steal from the poor.

6. Violated the personal liberty, constitutional privacy and bodily integrity of NC women. Enacted not only the infamous “motorcycle” abortion bill and the nation’s longest waiting period, but also passed a shocking mandatory sonogram law – enlisting a woman’s body, physician and pocketbook in a coercive campaign to intimidate her from the exercise of constitutional rights. Requiring doctors to mouth a state-mandated script, like Stalinist apparatchiks, contrary to their perception of the best interests of their patients.

I find it hard to fathom that clear-thinking individuals can still concoct reasons and rationalizations for staying home on election day, but they will, especially if we allow these outrages to fade into obscurity.