My recent letter to Sen. Burr ref Sec Ed nominee DeVos

I just sent this email to one of my senators .....

Recently you stated that Betsy DeVos has an unmatched "... commitment to improving education and expanding opportunity for our students ..."

Really. I am curious as to what facts in her background demonstrated her "unmatched commitment to improving education...".

Sen. Franken asked her a basic question about assessment that she could not answer. She has zero experience with matters of budget. She knows NOTHING about Special Education (IDEA). She helped ravage Michigan's public schools with her push for for-profit charter schools. Neither she nor her children ever attended public school.

So please let me know just how you came to the conclusion that DeVos has any kind of commitment to improving education, or even that she knows anything about public education at all.

Michael Barrett, a constituent of yours

I am eager to see if he (or one of his office lackeys) actually responds. I did check the "request a reply" box. DeVos is a disaster that has already ruined one state's education system (Michigan) so she really should not get anywhere near Sec Ed.



He doesn't give a sh/t

Burr could get a million legitimate emails in protest and he wouldn't care. It's all theater.