My Washington "Rhod" Trip

My wayward camera finally found its way home today, so I thought I would use up my monthly allotment of bandwidth showing off a few pictures. Oh well, you know what they say: you can't take it with you when you go! :) I know, that's almost as corny as the title to the diary. But I have to say, the overriding theme of this vacation was the rhododendrons. Although not native to the region, it became the state flower, and they were showing themselves off all over the place.

This was taken at the Arboretum, not far from downtown Seattle:

For being so close to a major city, this place is huge. Something like 132 acres. But I have to say, the folks in this area are serious about their parks, gardens, forests, campgrounds, hiking trails, etc.

We found this relatively small (34 acres) park a few miles south of Seattle, called Kuboda Gardens:

This next one is Point Defiance Park in the suburbs of Tacoma, and it's huge. It's a five-mile loop just to drive around it, and once you enter one of the countless trail heads, you're in another world:

And here's our very own Drama Queen. :) After we had lunch and chatted for awhile, she and I walked up the beach until we found a trail leading up to the bridge in the background where we parted company. I then crossed said bridge and walked over to the casino (also in the picture), where I...donated some money to the local tribe. :/

And here is the view from their back yard. And yes, that's a swimming pool and a tennis court down the hill there. Steve's jealous.


Very beautiful, Steve

Nice to see DQ again too.

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That's mostly an effect

of the sunlight filtered through clouds, I think. And from what my sister tells me, the whole area is classified as a rainforest, but some areas are even more rainforest-y than others, like Point Defiance. I decided to hit some trails and work off some caffiene, and I discovered there was a small mountain there that wasn't really visible until you started walking up the thing. I ascended for about thirty minutes, and the trail just kept going up. And up. When I finally sat down (gasping) to take a break before heading back down, I snapped this pic of what was still above me:


Thanks, Steve. Awesome pictures. And DQ, if you happen to be reading this - nice to see you!

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