Myers Park Pat pens manifesto in...Sacremento?

Advising its new mayor on how to assert dominance:

Council members elected by a few people in a district begin to be major power brokers at the expense of the mayor. This results in fractured ward politics and policies that do not represent long-term visionary needs for the entire city.

To overcome these and other deterrents of this form of government, I recommend the following for the mayor of Sacramento: Use the bully pulpit through the media directly to the people to stop obstructions of progress by either city staff or council members.

Translation: If anybody gets out of line, grab the nearest tv news crew and trash that person's reputation.

Here's another piece of sage advice:

Be the chief communicator and coordinator during a crisis, especially when working with many government entities. Whether you're a strong mayor or not, few will challenge the need for a strong leader during a crisis. The "Rudy Giuliani impact" of taking action and having visibility during crises is now an expected norm.

Translation: Don't forget what Confucius said about the connection between crisis and opportunity. When people are desperate and vulnerable, they'll believe anything, including that you are some sort of hero.

And this next one would make Joseph Stalin proud:

Recommend smaller steps within political structure to give more authority to the mayor's office. These steps should include giving the mayor a veto over City Council action.

Translation: If you want to boil a frog, you need to heat the water slowly.