A nation of nitwits...?

If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, please pardon my broadside.

Last week my wife was driving down the main thoroughfare of our fair city when she looked in the rear-view mirror and saw a car in the next lane approaching and weaving all over the road. My wife managed to zig as the other driver zagged and narrowly missed having a collision...and noted that the other driver was busily texting on her cell phone. Managing to get the other driver's attention with a horn blast, the other driver looked up and gave my wife the finger. There's more....

This morning our paper carried a NY Times article stating that cellular device makers and service providers are looking for ways to disable the use of such devices in moving vehicles. All sorts of complications arise...such as: what about the bus rider needing to call home...or the passenger in an auto wanting to make a call...or any of a number of scenarios where the safe, reasonable use of a cellular device might be impaired...because we have to restrict the rights of the responsible many to protect ourselves from the irresponsible few.

You may want to take a look at the NYT series on Driven to Distraction to get a feel for how serious a problem this is.

Back in 2009 the estimated number of cell phones in the US was over 285 Million. I suspect that just about every person who drives an automobile has a cell phone. A federal study states that at any given moment 11% of people driving are also talking/texting on their phone and are 4X as likely to cause a crash as other drivers.

On every front the responsible many are seeing their privileges and rights restrained because of the irresponsible or criminal few. It's enough, already!