Navy tries "backroom" approach to OLF

Thumbing his nose at the general public, Admiral Harvey holds secret meeting with people of "influence":

Carolyn Riggs, a former Camden County commissioner, said the purpose of the meeting was to give business owners a chance to express their concerns to Harvey “one on one” about the Navy’s OLF study in Camden.

The meeting was also an effort, she said, to put the Navy commander with authority over the OLF project in touch with “people who are influential and who have their pulse on the community” in Camden and Currituck.

Any secret meeting worth its salt will include floating the idea of great sums of money to be had:

One piece of news that came from the meeting was that Virginia Beach officials might be more open than in the past to the idea of sharing tax revenues generated by the airfield with the community that hosts the airfield.

Riggs said that previously, Virginia Beach officials have opposed the idea of sharing tax revenues. The city currently garners some $15 million in revenues because of the base, she said.

“It’s my interpretation from what was said (at Thursday’s meeting) is that (current Virginia Beach) Mayor William Sessoms might consider” revenue sharing, Riggs said.

Offers which (of course) originated in other secret meetings:

But according to Virginia Beach Assistant City Manager Bob Matthias, no official discussion has been made regarding tax revenue sharing with North Carolina, though he said he could not speak for city council on what their plans were on the matter.

And of course, another facet of a well-managed secret meeting is the inclusion of the "greater good" element, allowing the participants to return home and look in the mirror with pride instead of loathing:

Morris said she was impressed with the admiral’s demeanor toward the community and towards those serving in the military, as well.

“I was very impressed with him, he was very down to earth he wanted to hear people’s concerns and I thought it was admirable. He said his job is to take care of the boys and girls going over to Iraq and Afghanistan — that hits home when you call them kids,” she said.