NC-11 Republican Train Wreck Continues

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAshvegas caught the final post at the Henderson County GOP website.  Dennis Justice, who says he's run the site for seven years, has had it with disgraced former Congressman Charles Taylor's coy antics, and he's quitting.

"Effective immediately, I am resigning as webmaster of the Henderson County Republican Website."

NC-11 Republicans, so long held together by Charles Taylor's lumpy glue, have spun apart in recent months. With the prospect of facing a popular one-term incumbent, the Republicans have fractured into Stompers, Takeoverers, Taylor acolytes, and anti-Taylor rank-and-file. There's so much sniping going on in public and private that it can be hard to keep up. Thankfully, Mr. Justice gives us an insider's look into their self-inflicted suffering:

I will, under zero circumstances, vote for Charles Taylor if he is the Republican nominee for Congress in 2008. His insulting non-answer to the party when expressly asked whether he would run or not against Congressman Heath Shuler is not acceptable. Congressman Shuler had entered the race in July 2005, and certainly we should know by now if Taylor would run. Several possible candidates with gravitas are considering running and are held hostage out of respect that is honestly not deserved, much like Brett Favre holds the Green Bay Packers hostage the last four years hinting he might retire, but never actually committing.
He has shown far less respect for potential challengers than they showed him.

Since I cannot support Mr. Taylor, there is no reason for me to run this website.

If he is the Republican nominee, I will write my own name in as a write-in in protest, consequences be damned.

We've been saying the same thing for a while now. We'd like to see an honest conservative who wanted an issue-based campaign make the run and in the process elevate the political discourse in this area to a level of dignity that's been totally absent throughout Taylor's reign of poorly produced smear ads and outright lies.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDennis Justice would like that, too.

The leader of the County Republican Party, Spence Campbell, publicly pressured Dr. George Jones to rescind a motion to agree with Dr. Phil Stanley's public rebuke of Taylor's non-answer, to encourage the Men's Club to actively recruit a new nominee.
I will also point out that despite any spin from Taylor's few remaining supporters, he did virtually nothing to help us win state races.
Charles Taylor is owed nothing. His service IS his reward. Even Bob Dornan had the decency and good sense to announce immediately he was running one last time when he was finally voted out. Mr. Taylor will not even do that. How good will Taylor's few supporters feel when he loses again in 2008 and Heath Shuler is far more entrenched? And did he or did he not push for term limits?
I'm not going to advertise a candidate that I myself have no intentions to vote for. I have way too many other things in my life more important than codifying Mr. Taylor's ego.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAll the Republicans who are finally ready to throw this tired ex-Congressman under history's bus ought to get a round of applause from everyone who believes that political parties ought to support ethics, transparency, and giving everyone a fair shake.

The 11th District Democratic Party ought to be capitalizing on the utter disarray in the Republican Party, but they're busy creating more committees and talking about doing something maybe sometime don't worry about it.  Except for you unfortunate Buncombe County Republicans, who are about to be out-organized in every way by force-of-nature Kathy Sinclair, GOPers can relax knowing that the profound inertia of the Old Guard Democrats will likely mean they'll have plenty of time to play catch-up later.  We could get a year ahead of them, but we'll be lucky to maintain an advantage at all unless party leaders get serious and commit themselves to a revitalized Democratic Party.



Kinda makes all those conservatives who were mad at us for criticizing a couple of Heath's votes looks like whining undemocratic idiots. If his opposition is in complete disarray, why can't we make him at least consider looking left once in a while.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,


Looks like it's time to take over the local Democratic party, Gordon. Shoot, I'd move to Aville just to vote for you!

We don't have a Republican dog in that fight?

Several possible candidates with gravitas are considering running and are held hostage out of respect that is honestly not deserved, much like Brett Favre holds the Green Bay Packers hostage the last four years hinting he might retire, but never actually committing.* NFL Scout

More like watching a Michael Vick dogfight going south for 3 seasons in a row.....

11th District Republicans

Republicans in that district -- the one I'm from -- have long been adept at shooting themselves in the foot. If I recall correctly, Spence Campbell, the Henderson County GOP party chair, once outlined their various factions to me, and they numbered around five.

The main problem is that they can barely ever stand in unison behind someone.

They're also bad at fundraising and (obviously) candidate recruitment, which is amazing if you meet some of the Democrats out there, who can be just as conservative as the Republicans.

Anyone remember that spat at a Democratic Party convention last year with anti-abortion Democrats trying to make a stand? A good number of them were from Henderson County.