The NC Chamber doesn't just lie down with dogs

Few organizations have done more to destroy the reputation of the business community in North Carolina than the NC Chamber. That's ironic, but nonetheless true. By the imperious manner in which they advocate for their privileged membership, the Chamber has a long history of undermining the importance of work, of workers, and of corporate responsibility.

Within the Chamber, the role of political director, held by Nathan Babcock, stands out as a champion for sleaze. When the Chamber joined the fight against Robin Hudson in the Supreme Court race, it didn't just lie down with dogs, it became a leader of the pack, despite Babcock's insistence to the contrary.

In comments on a Charlotte Observer article about the attacks on Hudson, Babcock tries mightily to distance the NC Chamber from the evil it is doing.

Methinks Mr. Babcock does protest too much. Because if corporations are people, my friend, the NC Chamber is a bloody sociopath.


"We are not involved in any deceptive attack ... "

Who us? We didn't have anything to do with the scum who went after Robin Hudson. We're just supporting the scum who are running against her. See? Our right hand and our left hand have nothing to do with each other.

Just like they weren't involved in gutting worker protections, unemployment insurance, workplace safety, and very other anti-worker legislation passed by the General Assembly.

To my knowledge.