NC Conservation Network public alert

SB 781 would undo hundreds of critical protections for our natural areas by creating a mountain of red tape for state agencies. Essentially bringing many key protections down to the federal minimum requirements; a move only big polluters can love.

Go here to tell your government how you feel about this irresponsible bill.

Earlier this year, legislators held public hearings across the state to hear how the public feels about state rules and regulations in North Carolina, particularly around the environment. These legislators were fishing for public outrage about too many rules and instead found strong support for keeping or strengthening the state's environmental safeguards, by a margin of more than four-to-one!

It’s abundantly clear that the public’s message has been ignored. Legislators are now moving forward with SB 781. They say that environmental rules hurt the economy and big business profits. Of course an individual person or corporation can make greater profits if they can transfer the costs of controlling pollution to others. But those profits are not a net economic gain because they also take away other people’s health or property. Preventing that is a major reason we have environmental laws, and not a reason to get rid of them.


A costly bill, and not just from environmental damage

A peek inside the fiscal note:

TABLE 4: Estimated Cost to DENR to Implement Senate Bill 781 in FY 2011-12

Description Cost
4.0 Economist II $340,246 R
1.5 Environmental Senior Specialist $83,312 R
4.0 Engineer $279,672 R
1.0 Business & Tech App Specialist $89,351 R
0.65 Environ. Program Supervisor II $55,290 R
4.0 Environmental Program Consultant $325,887 R
1.0 Attorney III $95,360 R
0.75 Environmental Engineer $54,122 R
Maintenance & Utility Services $59,079 R
Supplies & Equipment $18,355 R
Computers and Office Furniture $40,744 NR
TOTAL Known Costs $1,441,398

The budget cuts were necessary!

All these cuts are necessary for the important stuff! For example, the Republicans are giving the Global Transpark another $17,500,000 so that the GTP can pay the state back for some of the Escheat Fund loan. This $17,500,000 will help the GTP keep doing what the GTP does........hopefully one day the rest of us will learn what it is that the GTP is doing.

Oh well, those fiscally conservative Republicans are really questioning the GTP.........of course the question is, "Would you like the $17,500,000 in cash or would a check suffice?"

It is all about priorities.