NC Family Policy Council's Action Results in the Protection of Bullies

Lest anyone be confused by their holier than thou claims the result of the actions of the NC Family Policy Council has been to kill a bill which would have protected children who had been bullied.

This group has said that protecting people who are or who are perceived to be gay would "separate" gays and give them "special protection". Presumably this "special protection" might be so diabolical as to kill this same group's proposal for a gay marriage ban.

You read that right. This group that believes an anti-bullying bill should not be passed because it would give gays "special protection" has proposed a special discrimination on gays, by putting a ban on marriage into our constitution. If the family policy council was around then would they have opposed the 15th amendment? Would they have opposed the Civil Rights Act? What about the 19th amendment? After all these documents set aside "special protection" for specific groups.

Because of the "concern" about "special protection" by the NC Family Policy Council this effort to give school administrators a larger mandate to control bullying is now dead in committee, gone for at least another year.

The "concern" that these people on the right had ignores some very simple words. "REAL OR PERCEIVED". So, I want to thank them. I want to them for making sure that bullies are a protected class in North Carolina for another year. They might not have endorsed the bullying of kids, but their lobbying and their grassroots efforts have resulted in the death of a great bill. This might not have been their intent, but it is the effect. And we all know that actions matter more than words.


Some Details

This bill was put into committee on 8/2 of 2007.

It was reported out of committee on July 1st of 2008. On July 15th a compromise was brokered that removed the specific language in question. The response of the Policy Council was to continue their pressure on lawmakers, resulting in the death of the bill.

I have one question. If the NC Family Policy Council has the power to kill a bill that got a yes vote from all but 1 member of the joint House and Senate negotiating committee, why did they choose not to use that power to get this bill passed with the changes they wanted?

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Pro-bullying Family Policy Council continues spin

NC's own Taliban - a tax free 501(c)3 organization - now wants to spin this as if they wished to protect the most vulnerable and most harrassed children in our schools? As studies consistently have shown, actual or perceived sexual orientation is in the top three, right up there with physical appearance and race - just as the bill's text included.

Nothing they do really surprises me, but it does surprise me that their spin would be frontpaged on BlueNC.

Tell me again how they pay for all of their lobbying by just being a 501(c)3 group? Even with the advocacy election for a (c)3, they couldn't legally pay for John Rustin's salary and all they actually do.

NC Family Policy Coucil, if you've got the time to read BlueNC and have Betsy respond to your spin, you can get your books together and set up a legal lobbying organization.


Art Pope gave $150K to NCFPC

The Pope Foundation gave $150,000 to the NC Family Policy Council in the 06/07 fiscal year. They have a budget around $800,000 of which about $150K is non-taxable lobbying expense and about $50K is non-taxable grassroots expense because they elect to use "H" status which is a way for a 501(c)(3) to lobby within defined limits. They file a Form 5768 Election/Revocation of Election by an Eligible Section 501(c)(3) Organization to Make Expenditures to Influence Legislation.

Your comment is confusing to me.

Can you provide a link to what you are talking about here:

Nothing they do really surprises me, but it does surprise me that their spin would be frontpaged on BlueNC.

NC Family Policy Coucil, if you've got the time to read BlueNC and have Betsy respond to your spin, you can get your books together and set up a legal lobbying organization.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


In response to the NCFPC's claim that they aren't condoning the bullying of gay students, and are merely pushing for no "special classes" of bullying victims, I give you a few excerpts from the paper "Intolerant Tolerance":

Despite the current promotion of tolerance, there is a legitimate place for intolerance in society when it is directed towards things that are wrong. People discriminate between the good and the bad all the time...

When applied to everyday experience, it becomes clear that intolerance is good when used to prevent or oppose unacceptable behavior...

The reality is that intolerance for what is wrong is very appropriate in a country that has a basis for moral law and justice and has long upheld the freedom to speak out for what is right.

When those statements closely follow this one:

School sanctioned promotion of tolerating homosexual behavior is certainly not tolerant of those students who believe that homosexuality is immoral.

it is plain that they are advocating for the right of (some) students to "speak their minds" about the behavior of their fellow (gay) students. Which is verbal harassment, which is bullying.

For those General Assembly members reading this: it ain't rocket science. For you to accept their bullshit "even the playing field" reasoning for opposition to the inclusion of specifics like sexual preference, it reveals either a stunning lack of judgment on your part or a lack of concern for the well-being of certain students.

The playing field is nowhere close to even, and we rely on you to take the steps needed to fix these things. Don't be afraid to do what's right. The voters won't crucify you for protecting children.

Beautifully said, Steve

And then there's this gem from the same paper:

President Washington* recognized the value of morality in culture and understood that those who try to remove it would be undermining the very underpinnings that make society great. The same is true today. Without morality, the foundations of our liberty will crumble, because there will be no moral compass differentiating between right and wrong. It is up to those who know the truth to proclaim it so that the new tolerance and the moral relativism that it supports will collapse under its own contradictions. [emphasis added]

Such stunning arrogance. No Jesus I know would put up with that kind of crap.

* That would be President Washington, the slave owner, mind you.

Democrats and others have the votes, what happened

What is the status of this bullying bill for the next session of the general Assembly. I am thinking the leaders of both parties will get reelected with some changes among the other members.

Anyone can be bullied by anyone. So what is with the sexual orientation label? I do believe that bullying needs to be dealt with no matter to the conditions. You do need to document why but really, bullying is bullying. The General Assembly failed us no matter which side oyu are on. Wrong is wrong.

how about list all categories or none?

A big swath is fine

No bullying is okay. But, the problem is when some principal decides "fag" isn't bullying because itaks an "abomination". If you don't have language then it isn't illegal.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.