NC GOP chooses African-American Chairman

And he appears to understand exactly why he was chosen:

The N.C. Republican Party has elected Hasan Harnett as its new chairman Saturday, naming a successor to Claude Pope.

Harnett, of Concord, served as campaign manager for GOP Congressional candidate Vince Coakley last year. Coakley lost to Democrat Alma Adams in a strongly Democratic district. Harnett, who is black, says he can expand the GOP’s appeal to minorities.

You know, that in itself is an insult to the African-American community. It's policies, not personalities, that have kept them voting Democratic for all these years. The only way the GOP can make substantial inroads into that voting demographic is to change its ways radically, and that's just not going to happen.




The election of Harnett appears to be a rebuke of the party leadership’s choice, Gastonia attorney Craig Collins.

While the name Harnett (as in Harnett County) might strike a cord with the Renee Elmers bunch, Harnett also strikes a cord with the life long breathren of the KKK.

Hasan? Sounds way to Muslim. This isn't going to go over well I predict. A black with a Muslim name. Perhaps an unknown brother of Barack Hussein Obama.

Stay tuned...

Read your history!

If the GOP wanted to DESTROY the Democrat party all they need to do is to show everyone the facts and their history! I pray they make a push to educate everyone on the facts about the Democrat party before America is destroyed! It appears the RINO/GOP leadership/followers in the Republican Party arer just following the Democrats towards our nation's destruction!
Take time to research KCarl Smith and his "The Frederick Douglass Republican Movement - Turning Confrontation Into Conference!" Here is a quote from his work:
Following the Civil War, Frederick Douglass received Presidential appointments from Republican Presidents Ulysses Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, and James A. Garfield. Democratic President Grover Cleveland removed Frederick Douglas from office but Republican President Benjamin Harrison reappointed him."
In the 19th century, Democrats prevented Black Americans from going to public school.
In the 108th Congress, when Republicans proposed a permanent extension of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, it was opposed by the Congressional Black Caucus (composed only of Democrats).
African Americans originally came to America unwillingly, having been stolen and sold by MUSLIM slave-catchers in Africa to Dutch traders journeying to America in 1619. In 1866 Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan to pave the way for Democrats to regain control in the elections.
George Wallace was a Democrat.
Bull Connor was a Democrat.
In the 19th century, Democrats prevented Black Americans from going to public school.
In the 20th and 21st century Democrats prevented Black Americans trapped in failing schools from choosing a better school. In fact Democrats voted against the bill by 99%.
Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, grandfather clauses, Literacy tests, white only primaries, and physical violence all came from the Democratic Party.


K. Carl Smith, you fit in perfectly in the modern Republican Party. Not because of your politics, but because you are a two-bit huckster selling Rocco Farnsworth’s Amazing Phantasmagoric Race-Neutralizing Tonic to a bunch of rubes with the collective IQ of dryer lint. You’re a goddamn hero of capitalism.

This isn't a very impressive endorsement of your bud, KCarl Smith and his folks. Of course, if I made an online donation to the "cause" or bought a tee shirt emblazoned with one word tripe, everything would be groovy in bullshit land. Speaking of Republicans, here's another glowing comment that I'm sure can be fully explained...

Would Frederick Douglass have been okay with 102-year-old African-American woman Desiline Victor having to make multiple trips to her polling place and standing in line in Florida for over three hours to cast a vote? You FD Republicans go on and noodle over that one

Or this......

Realistically, FD Republicans, there is no way to know what Frederick Douglass would think of today’s world because he is fucking dead. That is the nice thing about appropriating a dead guy’s image as a symbol for your own movement: he is not around to tell you that you are a giant jag-off. Which brings us to this video where K. Carl Smith tells a roomful of patriots at a Tea Party boot camp what it means to be a Frederick Douglass Republican. As best we can tell, he simply appropriates the name Frederick Douglass, adds the word Republican to the end of it, inserts some blather about freedom and liberty, and presto! He has created a foolproof shibboleth to ward off the accusations of racism that dastardly liberals forever hurl at the Tea Party. Not required, obviously: a fact-based understanding of Frederick Douglass’s life and work.

Like Gary Legum shows, bullshit is easily refutable.

Lastly, I'm suprised you didn't highlight the deeds of Barry Goldwater and Jesse Helms.

Hasan Harnett

Hasan was chosen because he is a good solid Christian Conservative family man and works with the conservative grassroots movement...and for no other reason. He was the best man for the job. I got to know him personally when I worked on Vince Coakley's campaign. He will do our party the Frederick Douglas tradition.

The two of you should get a room

So you can play out all your uncle Tom fantasies together.

Of course it's entirely possible that you're either the same person or clones of one another so perhaps a room's not necessary.

Just kidding of course. We welcome all kinds of crazy around here just as long as you don't rise to the level of being intolerably obnoxious.

Hasan Harnett

Speaking of intolerably obnoxious..your comment to me is exactly that. What right do you think you have to say such things to a perfect stranger. Obviously..judging by your comment you are a racist intolerant liberal. Discussing an issue is one I well know..when the left has no argument they resort to name calling. You should behave like an adult and comment on or discuss an issue...without the idiocy or not comment at all. You no doubt know absolutely nothing about Hasan..nothing...but yet you..for some reason feel free to criticize and demean the man and all of his supporters...why is that? The Democrat party has always been racist... so...obviously nothing has changed.

He owns this website, for one thing

So yeah, that kind of gives him the right to comment here and there. And for more years than I can remember we've had "perfect strangers" pop in here and unload all kinds of crap on our pages. We used to let them stick around for a while, but that gets really old, really quickly.

What's obnoxious

is trying to fluff. Perhaps you've never been to this part of the world but wearing your feelings on your sleeve in regard to extremely important issues both in North Carolina and the country won't get you too far. Everyone, and I mean everyone, can cry foul at some point it their lives. Suck it up and make life better.

Voting Rights Act extension

I've spent the last 1 1/2 hours trying to track down this alleged "permanent" extension of the VRA Republicans supposedly pushed for, and I'm coming up with nada. If it did/does actually exist, it was probably a gutted version of the VRA they wanted to permanently extend.

This can't wait for Tuesday:

It might seem like an innocent comment to some, but (imo) it borders on the point of an AP reporter trying to imply that the NC GOP may be on the verge of going back to its roots as a "fusion" party containing blacks and dirt-poor farmers. The election of Harnett has absolutely nothing to do with the GOP modifying its platform to accommodate African-Americans, it's all about image and trying to "trick" some votes out of people.


I want to believe that he's regretting that sentence, and was suffering from a momentary brain fart.

Either that or he's filling the stenographer role today.

Based on some web research ...

... I've come to the conclusion that he was elected for three main reasons. 1) He's been active in fundraising in the Charlotte area, 2) He's a kind of Bagger Ayn Rand Republican and 3) He's big on church.

Harnett's one of these "business speak" guys, part of a speaker's bureau that touts "feel good" business motivational stuff. They're probably hoping he'll use that skill to get into the wallets of the corporate types around the state.

He's also a big-time church guy and family man. I've not been able to figure out which church he goes to, but it's probably one of the evangelical megachurches down in Charlotte, which are always good for business connections. They probably want to use him for outreach to evangelical and ultra-Conservative Black churches that will be fuming about Amendment 1 being overturned by the Supreme Court and all hot and bothered about abortion restrictions.

It's a perfect encapsulation of what the next election will be about for the Republicans - corrupt officials bought and paid for by the 1%, pandering to the base fears of religious nutcases. WRAL and other media outlets should stop pretending its about anything else.

Some good points

He's definitely got Tea Party/Libertarian creds. He doesn't just spout the trigger words, he actually believes most of that nonsense.

But I'm not so sure about the fundraising thing, or that the movers and shakers are happy with him as Chairman. His election looks a hell of a lot like Randy Voller's, with a lot of the delegates saying they went in there with the express intent of electing "anybody but Collins," who was the GOP establishment's choice. We'll have to wait and see if they end up feuding like we did, but the ingredients for the recipe are already in the kitchen.

I wonder ...

... if some of this might be internal conflicts between the Libertarian/Bagger and evangelical wings of the party.

Better headline, Steve

NCGOP chooses a Tea Party Chairman

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.