NC GOP (Grifters of Persuasion)

“The debate in the 1970s was whether the party was moderate or conservative,” (Tom) Fetzer said. “That debate ended some time ago. Every Republican is conservative batshit crazy. It’s just a question of how far are you willing to go to fight for conservative batshit crazy principles and values.”

Well said, Tom. In the 1970's, Jesse Helms was evolving into the most racist, bigoted, hardcore, right-wing fringe politician in the south. One would think that invoking the name of Reagan ad nauseum would be better served by invoking the name of Helms. Rob Christensen's article in today's N&O shows why.


Christensen's column made no sense to me

I think he would like for there to be a battle ongoing for the soul of the NC GOP ... it certainly would make his job as a pundit more interesting ... but that battle isn't happening and there was never any hope of it happening. The Republican "soul" is firmly rooted in the pocketbook of Art Pope and his kindred corporate interests.

The biggest strike against the Tea Party

came in the aftermath of the government shutdown. When average folks realized Tea Party nut-jobs in Congress were prepared to destroy our economy in their zest to score ideological points, the shine started to wear off and reality began to set in.

There are still a lot of crazies that want to destroy the government at whatever cost, but methinks they won't have the support of the voting public anymore. I hope, anyway.

But the Tea Party is useful

But the Tea Party is useful for the conspiracy theories. If they go away I hope they will at least open up a comedy club to keep us informed on who is coming to get us. I have been waiting on transport to the Fema Camps but so far no one has come for me. The TSA has not put on my Electronic Shock Bracelet and as far as I know no one has implanted a microchip in what little brain I have left. Or maybe they have put a microchip in my brain and that is why I cannot keep up with all the conspiracy theories.