NC GOP hypocrisy about wealth inequality

The NC GOP, champions of making the wealthy wealthier and the poor poorer, seem to have a different viewpoint when it comes to the collective wealth of cities and counties.

A redistribution of local sales tax revenue to benefit poor counties is on the agenda for legislative leaders preparing for the session that begins in January.


Republicans from both chambers are talking about changing the distribution formula to funnel more to rural areas. No one offered specifics, but such a shift has the potential to pit urban counties against rural.

Now, this just might be a good idea. Reasonable arguments exist on both sides of this debate -- some believe that basic economic fairness requires rural areas to get a bigger slice of the pie; others note that it's fair to distribute most of the revenue back to the places responsible for generating it.

What's odd, though, is the Republicans' outright hypocrisy. While arguing that we ought to help out disadvantaged counties, they're bragging about how they slashed benefits and increased taxes on the poor and middle class of our state so that Art Pope and his friends could get a tax cut. And while ridiculing Obama and them other liberals for "wealth redistribution", they're eager to redistribute wealth here in North Carolina according to their own criteria.

It's pretty rare for any idea to be able to overcome the GOP's staunch belief in government as a tool of the wealthy. But apparently, the NC GOP's war on cities is one of the things that can.



Don't bring me down

Rep. Tim Moore, the Kings Mountain legislator House Republicans will nominate for speaker, credited the “regulatory reform bills” for moving the state forward. But while the state’s economic engines prosper, rural areas can’t be left behind, Moore said.

The legislature needs to continue to work to “lift the entire state up, both economically and otherwise,” he said.

Yeah, Tim, keep telling yourself that repealing laws that keep people and the environment safe makes our state a better place.

And with the economic disaster you've foisted on this state with your reckless fiscal policies, please leave our "otherwise" alone. You've done enough damage already.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

This is probably more about

choking off city governments than it is about helping out rural counties. City governments are already struggling after the privilege license fee removal, and any additional cuts in revenue will only compound that struggle.

It will be interesting to see how Republican city council members react to their taxes going to other counties...

Rural areas are where their base lives...

but I'm sure that has nothing to do with it.

Maybe it's another poke in the eye for the city-slicker Guv'nor.