NC GOP's all-out attack on Laura Leslie




There's nothing too low for these sleazebags to attempt. Hopefully WRAL will stand by their greatest asset, instead of folding under pressure.

Unlike most North Carolinians,

Leslie has a megaphone and name recognition via WRAL. Their (Republicans) true stink is WRAL for which they have no control. It must be a sickening feeling to know there are actually still some things in the state of North Carolina for which control is out of their reach.

Shoot the messenger!

Blaming people in the media for having opinions about facts is the GOP way.

It will be interesting to see whether RAL backs down or not. They been wonderfully independent of art pope and his multimillion dollar opinion manufacturing machine. Hope they stay that way.

Comments at WRAL's website

A few months ago, I was apparently banned at WRAL's website for saying some similar things about gun control and the homophobia of NC's GOP and evangelicals. But, then again, I'm not an award winning journalist, just a guy with a conscience and an Internet connection.

Considering the bile that conservatives have been piling into the comments at WRAL that goes unanswered, I have to wonder how they're moderating their website.

Not sure if they are

moderating the comments anymore. I used to see the occasional "this comment has been removed" or something along those lines, but haven't seen that in a while.