NC-GoVote's Reg Watch service: grassroots voter protection

While federal and state authorities continue to dither over whether (much less how) to protect U.S. elections infrastructure from state-sponsored election hackers, North Carolina activists have taken it upon ourselves to do it for them.

NC-GoVote's new Reg Watch service takes one minute to sign up for...and it's free, non-profit, non-commercial, and respects your privacy.

Once you sign up, our cloud computing infrastructure (conceived - and paid for - by the volunteer data scientists of Insightus, and executed by the volunteer software engineers of Ragtag) goes to work for you 24 x 7 x 365, keeping an eye on your official NC voter registration record and ready to alert you to any problem that might develop with it.

  • If North Carolina purges you from the poll books
    Reg Watch will alert you.
  • If North Carolina fails to process your voter registration application or update
    Reg Watch will inform you.
  • If hackers alter your voter registration record
    Reg Watch will warn you.

Thanks to Reg Watch, when a Tar Heel's voter registration suddenly goes sideways, she'll have plenty of time before the election to put it right. Whether the problem is the fault of a clumsy data entry clerk, a Russian hacker, a voter caging dirty trickster...or maybe even your own fault...we've got your back.

It only takes a minute to sign up for Reg Watch at Like BlueNC, it's a labor of love. We've got your back, North Carolina.