NC judicial emergency enters 7th year

North Carolina has the second-longest federal judicial emergency in the nation.

The vacancy on the Eastern NC federal district court is now entering its SEVENTH year. The Eastern district of NC covers counties east of and including a line from Robeson in the south to Granville in the north (Robeson, Cumberland, Harnett, Wake, Granville and all counties east of those).

There's plenty of partisan blame to go around for this abysmal years-long failure of our government, but it's time to focus on applying pressure to fix it.

President Obama needs to get off his butt and nominate someone to this vacancy. All politicians of both parties in NC need to pressure him to do so.

Senators Burr and Hagan need to pressure their respective party leaders in the US Senate to move the nominee through the hearing process and to a vote on the Senate floor. Click on their names above to contact them.

It's 2012. Let's hope Eastern North Carolina doesn't have to wait yet another year - or seven - to fill this judicial emergency.