N.C. prosecutor who sent 5 to death row: It’s time to end death penalty

Twenty five years ago, as an assistant district attorney in Forsyth County, Vince Rabil helped put Blanche Taylor Moore on death row. Today, Rabil says it is time to end the death penalty and calls Moore — a frail 82-year-old still sitting on death row — “a living monument to the failure of a vanishing legal remedy.”

In an op ed published Sunday, Rabil outlines the reasons he now opposes the very punishment he spent two decades of his career fight to uphold. He cites the tremendous cost, the failure to serve grieving family members of victims, and the possibility of executing an innocent person amongst the reasons for why he now believes the death penalty is broken beyond repair.

We applaud Mr. Rabil’s courage in speaking publicly about his experience and we hope that our state leaders will join him in recognizing that our state ought to get out of the business of “tinkering with the machinery of death.”

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