NC Republicans emulate Trump in their Budget "process"

If it walks like an orange-haired duck, well you know the rest:

Secrecy. Greed. Dishonesty. Self-dealing. Neglect disguised as concern. Contempt for democracy. If one were asked to describe the most notable hallmarks of the administration of President Donald Trump, it would be hard to come up with six more accurate characterizations. To see the latest concrete confirmation of this appalling state of affairs, North Carolinians need look no further than the preposterous state budget bill that Republican legislative leaders rolled out yesterday.

Whether it’s yet another round of tax giveaways to the rich, the continued underfunding of public schools and early childhood education, new assaults on environmental protection and public transit, the shocking neglect of school safety, dozens of outrageous pork barrel giveaways to favored special interests or just the absurd lack of process that accompanied it, the new 2019 budget is an example of Trumpism at its absolute worst.

Since I'm in the mood to dole out some totally unqualified psychoanalysis: One of the hallmarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (or Sociopathy) is a complete disregard for the safety and well-being of others. Just doesn't register. So it's really hard to say if the GOP's failure to fund NC's Suicide Hotline was due to tone-deaf incompetence, or some kind of conscious coup de grâce, but either way, some 255 calls per day will likely soon go unanswered. More from Rob Schofield, who (as usual) puts these things into better words than I can:

But, of course, in the end, nothing renders the new proposal more fully “Trumpian” than the utter and outrageous lack of process. Like the would-be despot in the White House, legislative bosses are either so afraid of real debate or so utterly disinterested in democratic process that they have decided to use a parliamentary maneuver to prevent members of either party from even offering amendments to the proposal.

The budget and the tactics accompanying it are, in other words, cut from the same political cloth one would expect to see on display from Trump’s patron in the Kremlin rather than the kind associated with a functioning western democracy.

About all one can say about the budget is that caring and thinking people now know– as they do at the national level – where things really stand.

Unfortunately, the percent of our voting population that can be described as "caring and thinking" is not nearly as high as we need. Film in November.