NC Senate budget a study in cruelty

The details of the NC Senate's extremist budget of pain are trickling out.

In addition to forcing teachers to give up career status ("tenure") to get raises, those raises would be funded by deep cuts in other education funding, including closing HBCU(s), insufficient textbook funding, cuts to school nurses, cuts to CPI, cuts to driver education and slashing almost all teacher assistants.

But, as usual, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Not content just to keep half a million North Carolinians from having healthcare coverage by not expanding Medicaid, they're now contracting Medicaid.

Under the proposed changes, 3,342 people now covered by Medicaid because they're medically needy, aged, blind or disabled would lose their coverage on Jan. 1. Another estimated 11,886 aged, blind or disabled people would lose Medicaid eligibility under county special assistance programs, which would be decoupled from Medicaid under the budget.