NC voting group says expanded early voting needed

NC voting group says expanded early voting needed
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N.C. State Board of Election

RALEIGH, N.C. --Voter registration has increased by more than a quarter-million people in North Carolina in 2008, an election reform group said Monday as it warned of long lines come Election Day unless early voting is expanded.

Democracy North Carolina estimated that between 700,000 and 1 million more people could cast ballots this Nov. 4 than the 3.5 million who voted in 2004.

Local boards of elections should add more early-voting sites and extend hours during the 2 1/2-week early-voting period that begins Oct. 16, even to include Sunday afternoon, said Bob Hall, the group's executive director.

"You can look ahead and see this horrible traffic jam, but it can be prevented if election officials take steps to add more opportunities for voting before the Election Day crush," Hall said in a prepared statement.

More voters are expected because of a surge in registration and the excitement over the presidential race. Overall voter registration jumped by 257,394 from Jan. 5 through July 19 to 5,861,814, Hall said, citing State Board of Elections numbers.

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Vote as early as you possibly can ...

According to people who voted the last Saturday of early voting, if you wait until the last weekend to vote early, you're not voting early enough. Vote early in early voting. Then you can help with GOTV!! :o)

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Early Voting in Wake Co

We had very smooth early voting here, with the only lines coming on the last Saturday. The wait was about an hour & people were pretty cheerful. Folks who waited felt that the lines would be worse on Election Day. It turned out that the lines were insignificant on Election Day. Presumably the Obama folks will make the same one-stop voting push & really drive early voting, but I would imagine the Election Day lines will still materialize in November.