NCACC putting NC at risk of late primary, lost federal funds

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Is Catawba County Commissioner/NCACC Pres digging the state into a hole?
Is Ms. Kitty Barnes and the NCACC digging the state in a hole?

Catawba County Commissioner Chair Kitty Barnes, who is also President of the NCACC is trying to get permission for Catawba County to keep it's voting machines and also get the Public Confidence in Elections Act repealed or delayed.

If she succeeds, her efforts will cost the state up to $55 Million in federal funding, cause the primaries to be delayed, and cause the state to be in violation of the federal Help America Vote Act mandate.

Ms. Barnes and other officials are basing their efforts on the assumption that Catawba County's machines are HAVA compliant. This is incorrect.

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