NCDP Chair Candidates share the podium in Chapel Hill meeting.

Just a few remarks from the Randy Voller/Eric Mansfield conversation tonight in Chapel Hill, not in any special order of importance, and hopefully, presented in a manner that the candidate will not find objectionable.

Randy: Carolina Meadows (retirement community) creates more jobs than fracking will create.

The party needs to focus on water, women and work. Clean water, getting women involved in the decision making process, and creating jobs.

Saving our environment is not incompatible with job growth, and can, in fact be a catalyst for job growth.

Eric: We can’t wait for media coverage, we have to get our message out ourselves.

In our messaging we must ask Is it good for the people? Is it good policy? Or is it politics?

The party would not commit to job hires due to cronyism, but would only consider the best and brightest.

Both men agreed it was too bad the Plan of Organization did not allow for co-chairs and that whoever won the upcoming election, they each see a place for the other in working for the future good of the party.


The Party needs to focus on what?

Hey - these guys aren't running for elected public office like Governor or Senator! They are running to win a majority of votes on a very small body (the SEC) and convince them they are the right person to Chair the PARTY, not run for elected public office.

Howard Dean beat more establishment Democratic candidates for DNC Chair in 2005 by asking why our Party is ignoring key Democratic Party values. He was attacking all that DINO-DEM, DLC, Third-Way nonsense. But he also had some very specific ideas how to build the Party from the grassroots on up.

Believe me - the candidates we field for elected public office will spend money on polling to figure out what they need to focus on to win elected public office.

We need candidates for PARTY offices to focus on BUILDING the Party FIRST! We need to hear how they will build the Party from the grassroots up starting at the precinct level. We need to get more precincts organized and not just on paper. We need to have those precincts be operational: they need to be able to reach out to voters in the precincts to find out what those voters are interested in - then act accordingly through the Resolutions and Platform process. By getting more Democratic voters involved in that process - we will have a Platform that better reflects the will of a larger and diverse body of Democrats. Then we'll be able to gather enough volunteers at the precinct level to Get Out The Vote to elect Democrats who will work to turn our Platform into public policy.

Our elected Party leaders will have to work hard to convince small donors that they should invest in the Party on a regular basis to provide most of the money we need to operate instead of getting it from big-money donors - many of whom have decided to give to the Republicans. Many small dollar donors won't give to the Party because they feel that the Party has always allowed un-elected fat-cats more of a say on things than elected Party leaders.

I am still worried that for all this "listening" minds of the candidates have already been made up. If they win, they will act on behalf of the constituency that is pushing them to run. You can tell that from their endorsements - especially from those consultants who aren't even SEC members or who won't even show up at their own precinct meeting!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Wish I could have been there, Vicky

I'm going through some rough medical issues right now and can't really leave the house. Thanks for taking a few minutes to report on some of the high lights.

My big question is all about energy and optics. Which of these two guys do you think has the gumption ... the excitement, the energy, the passion, the focus, the drive, the commitment, the ability to seduce ... that's needed in the next chair?

The task of rebooting the NCDP is a massive one, requiring both top down and bottom up strategies. Which of the two do you believe would be best at that challenging assignment?

Hands Down, Randy Voller

In the words of Jim Neal, hands down, Randy Voller.

Voller alone has the experience of running a Party Organization. He is the only one with a proven track record of grass roots volunteer base raising and management.

His success in holding Democratic incumbents in their seats, and putting Deb McManus in Joe Hackney's hotly contested 54th House seat, against a GOP war chest 3 times Deb's size is phenomenal. He did that by running the candidates as a team, as well as running his organization with statistical brilliance.

In his County, Sam Erwin won. So did the defeat of Amendment One.

Mansfield would be learning on the job, he has no record of this kind of work.

Voller has proven he can raise small Donor money locally, at over triple the rate of his County's previous Chairs. Voller also recruited one of the biggest Donors for the Democratic Party in the State, right in his own County, too.

Mansfield's money for his Senate run breaks down into one third his own money, one third Physician PAC money, and most of the rest fellow physicians. Oddly, he voted for the removal of the malpractice cap. This makes me question his true constituency, especially since he declined to run after that term.

There is no question that Randy Voller is the better qualified candidate. -e.j.Smith.

Shared podium

I wonder if it would possible for them to share the job itself?