NC's ethically-challenged Republicans

Sen. Eddie Goodall tries to earn his keep:

But in January, Goodall became president of the N.C. Alliance for Public Charter Schools, which wants to increase the number of charter schools allowed in the state, among other goals.

Goodall raised eyebrows in the Senate chamber Thursday when he tried to run an amendment to an education and jobs bill that would lift the cap. Goodall’s proposals were shot down.

It should have raised a lot more than eyebrows. It should have triggered an ethics probe.

And his explanation? Even if I weren't being paid, I would have done this anyway:

“What I’m doing is legislating what I would have been doing anyway,” Goodall said. “The presumption is since I’m employed by somebody else, I’m doing something different.”

No, the assumption is, you're being paid by a (non-government) group to work on expanding charter schools in the state, and you're using your (government) position to further that goal. Ergo, a conflict of interest. It ain't rocket science pal, but apparently it's still over your head.

Goodall declined to say how much he is paid.

Um, I'm pretty sure that information is required of legislators in the General Assembly. You may have to FOIA to find out, but somebody needs to fill in this blank.


In case anyone's wondering

why I keep jumping back and forth between attacking Democrats and attacking Republicans, it's pretty simple. I can.

I've decided (and you're free to join me or not) that we can do everything. We can advocate for numerous, diverse, and maybe even conflicting principles and ideas; we can hold Democrats' feet to the fire when they wander down stupid little regressive side trails; we can fight to keep the Taliban (thanks, Mike) from taking over State government; we can take Burr out to the woodshed frequently and determinedly; etc, etc.

My point is, life is way too short to keep your tongue in your head while suffering fools.

It reminds me of Newt Gingrich

back in the 90's he lobbied hard for charter schools all the while pimping his education software that public schools would never buy. I can't hear the words "charter schools" without recalling that sleeze.