New PPP poll: GOP losing Independents

Going against the wishes of the people has consequences:

Only 33% of voters have a favorable opinion of the Republicans in the General Assembly to 46% with an unfavorable one. That -13 favorability spread reflects a 7 point decline from already poor numbers a month ago when it was -6 at 36/42. Independents fueled the GOP gaining the majority last year but they have now turned sharply against the party, giving it a 28/48 breakdown.


The funny thing about extremists

is they can't understand why everybody isn't also an extremist:

The issue where legislative Republicans have moved perhaps most counter to public opinion in the state this session is guns. We found earlier in the year that voters were strongly opposed to efforts to allow guns in parks and bars. 69% are opposed to permitting guns in locked cars on school property with only 19% supportive. It's really not that much of a partisan issue- Republicans (59/26), independents (62/25), and Democrats (78/12) are all strongly against guns on school grounds. This is one of those issues where the GOP elected officials have gotten well ahead even of GOP voters. Constituents of Tillis (76/19) and Berger (73/20) are even more unified in their opposition.

Keep playing to your base, idiots. Those 20 percenters will bring you another 100 years in the minority, beginning January 2013.


Never had me anyway.

What says you?

May not be relevant

If Republican "elections reforms" hold up, the only voters remaining will be rich, old white men, with all the polls located at Art Pope Country Clubs. The system is being rigged. There will be blood.