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Just when I was hoping the N&O might be turning the corner on doing decent journalism, I find this piece of crap written by Bruce Siceloff in today's paper. Carrying water for the transit-haters at the Art Pope Puppetshow, Siceloff writes a story about a recycled John Locke Foundation "report" as though it actually says something worth reading.

Urban traffic jams will choke North Carolina's economic growth unless state and local leaders push to unclog city streets and freeways, a UNC-Charlotte transportation professor said in a report released Monday. David T. Hartgen said the state should realign spending priorities to focus on slowing the growth of traffic congestion, which is expected to double in the next 25 years.

Priorities for the Triangle, he said, should include finishing the Interstate 540 Outer Loop and finding a smart way to expand the capacity of I-40 as it squeezes through Research Triangle Park. Hartgen also called for efforts to synchronize city traffic signals and to reduce rush-hour traffic with carpooling, flex scheduling and telecommuting.

His 234-page report was funded by the John Locke Foundation, a conservative think tank based in Raleigh. Consistent with previous Locke reports, Hartgen said North Carolina should cut spending on public transit and make better use of highway dollars before seeking new sources of transportation money.

Is Hartgen a whore for the anti-planning, pro-highway construction free-market fundamentalists ... or does he just look like one?

And what about Bruce Siceloff? There are scores of transportation professionals who think Hartgen is full of bull. How come none of them were interviewed for this story?

Note to Bruce Siceloff: If you're going to write about JLF "reports," at least use quotation marks.


Why report on a "report"

when everyone already knows what it's going to say before the sold-out professor takes his money and runs. (By the way, now you know why some at NCSU are so anxious about the Puppetmaster trying to buy his own personal faculty there. To my knowledge.

Lost at the 10 th street Terminal in Midtown?

when everyone already knows what it's going to say before the sold-out professor takes his money and runs. * A

Let the Prof move to Atlanta and he will surely find out what real traffic is and most likely be the first Pope puppet lost on it's subway system in his Car. Right Lance?


Don't see why the traffic professor was giving budget advice...

expand the capacity of I-40 as it squeezes through Research Triangle Park.

sheesh, in my commute, the worst part of 40 is where it is
EIGHT lanes wide.

in any case, I was flipping channels last night and saw that professor talking on nc14. He was comparing triangle traffic to Minneapolis and Charlotte traffic to Chicago. As if we're supposed to be somehow familiar with the traffic situations in cities thousands of miles away!

the thought I had was... where's our think tank?


In answer to your question

my 2 cents = Hartgen is both a whore and looks like one too. You were right in your first assertion, Pope pays $300,000 a month to BUY lazy stenographers (a reporter is a journalist, which obviously Hartgen is not!)

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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I do not know about a puppet

but Siceloff is certainly lazy. He probably made a quick decision yesterday to take a quick slanted story or use his precious time to actually research an issue and present a balanced, factual article. I have found Bruce long ago to be about as informed on transit as a fifth-grader, and not those smart ones that get to be on Fox.

I admit to not having read the report

Some of what is quoted above actually makes sense and would not only alleviate congestion, but air/noise pollution and gas consumption. Where he loses me is when he calls for squeezing more traffic through the I-40/RTP corridor without mentioning a very obvious way to achieve this. I bet I don't even have to say it and everyone here knows what I'm thinking.

I also realize that saying it and doing it require an extensive investment and planning for the future. There we have it. I used the word planning and thanks to A, I know what JLFers think of planning.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Eight Lanes Wide - Wall to Wall

What is it with these people?

You have a problem with traffic congestion so you make the roads wider so more cars can get on the road...I mean it works so well in California.

Maybe we should ask them how it feels to sit bumper to bumper on a parking lot.

Or maybe Dallas (scary business!) 8 lanes wide at 80 mph! Not me. I'm so not doing that. Raleigh ends up like that - I'm never going there. DO YOU HEAR ME MR. PUPPET? NEVER.

Not one penny will I spend in Wake County - you practically have to drag me over the county line now.

They are the anti-thesis of common sense. Do they really believe that crap they're peddling? Deluded? Some kind of 'I'm rubber, you're glue' thing? I'm going to do everything backwards and see if anyone pays attention?

I seriously don't understand these folks. If anyone else does I wish they'd clue me in. I've never seen this type of pathology before. It's one for the textbooks.

As a case study.