New Walter Dalton ad -- Thoughts?


Strikes me as positive, bright

I got a good first reaction.

Perhaps seemed a little long.

And maybe doens't say or visualize the candidate's name (Dalton) enough for me.

But still, a good ad.


A solid strike

Looks to me like the gov's race will come down to a simple choice between this nice guy and a hot-headed lobbyist shilling for special interests.

Sorry, I don't like it. Some

Sorry, I don't like it. Some enthusiasm would help. Are the same people making the ads for the Kissell campaign making these?

Beats the heck

....out of a big city mayor walking around in his brand new Carhartt jacket trying to make us think he gives a damn for us.

Psst....Walter....'re suppose to wear a seatbelt when you drive.

I see the response now: Video shows Lt. Governor a lawbreaker.

Bold ad

The ad promotes confidence in his genuine desire to address rural issues that often take a back seat to urban issues in the legislature; thus highlighting his desire to be the Govenor of all the people, not just wealthy special interests.

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Walter Dalton's Seat Belt

This picture is for Don "Concern Troll" Peppers, Andrew Brock, Steve Henion and all the other Republican idiots falsely claiming that Walter Dalton wasn't wearing a seat belt.

So now if you don't see a

So now if you don't see a seat belt, you're a Republican? I apologize to the Lt Gov if he is wearing one in a video. Regrettably my eyes aren't what they were at 25. I apologize for making a poor attempt at humor...I didn't realize anyone had actually made an issue of it.