New website, new video:

Fellow BlueNC'ers, Cal's official campaign website, is up and running. We've paid close attention to what this primary season's voters are asking for and it's all there: detailed positions on issues, dynamic content, opportunities for involvement, calendars and news feeds. This site ought to be a great way to to keep in touch with our campaign, keep up with the latest news about the race, and keep our grassroots outreach efforts growing.

Please take a moment to check out -- and most importantly -- leave your comments here so we can make sure that it's working for you.

We've also released the second part of Cal's Jobs Plan: "Jump-Starting Private Sector Growth" and a new "Voices of North Carolina" video to accompany it.

Finally, we've also integrated the FoCal (Friends of Cal) Blog -- inspired by the newsletter Cal started in his old state Senate office -- into the new site. Feel free to add to your own blogroll!

Again, please help us shape this campaign by taking a look at the site, the plan, and the video, and leaving your feedback below.

Thank you,
Frank Eaton
New Media Director
Cal Cunningham for U.S. Senate


Excellent on all fronts

The small business focus of the video is right on the money. Hiring tax credits - good move, especially if you could tie it to green investment.

Fabulous stuff, Frank.

A telling story...

Gary Ends, the subject of this video, told us a chilling story that didn't make it into the final video:

After his employer transfered his Lexington division's manufacturing jobs to the far east, his employer retained him to supervise overseas operations for the new furniture factories there. For eight weeks at a stretch, he would be in a Chinese, Indonesian or Vietnamese workshop, making sure that the familiar designs of his hometown brand approached the standards of the formerly American-made model.

He was touring a factory in Saigon one day with the Vietnamese owner when he spotted a familiar milling machine. "I know that machine" he told the man; "I worked on that machine in the early 1980's in Lexington, North Carolina. I can tell you the serial number."

Impossible, said the factory owner. But when they opened the service door, there it was-- while half a world away, the Lexington floors sat empty. The jobs aren't coming back unless the tools do first; and that, says Gary, just isn't going to happen.

Issues Sections - Right Direction

I've been hoping all the campaigns would work on their websites, and you guys did a commendable job with that one!

I'm especially happy that 2 out 3 websites now have issues sections.

# of Issues:

Elaine: 2

Cal: 7

Kenneth: 0

Since the issues are, ideally at least, what many voters will make their decisions on, I'd like to see all of those numbers increase as the campaigns move forwards. Good work so far.

Updated website for Cal

Cal Cunningham has updated his website and it is better than ever.

Important stuff, y'all.