N&O And N&R endorses recent convicted republican dwi appeals court judge

N&O echoes N&R's judicial endorsements
The N&O's editorial endorsements in N.C. Court of Appeals races:

John Arrowood
Doug McCullough* Recent convicted DWI[http://www.rachelforjustice.com/news_releases.html]
Linda Stephens
Sam Ervin IV
Jim Wynn

Same as ours.

Same as ours.* Doug Clark proud as a tick on a new blood hound


A Special Message From Judge Cheri Beasley‏

A Special Message From Judge Cheri Beasley‏
From: dickbarnes2008@gmail.com
Sent: Fri 10/31/08 6:08 PM
To: Max The Dog 2

Here we are at the cusp of one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. As I have traveled across the State of North Carolina over the last 19 months, I have been honored to offer myself as a candidate for the NC Court of Appeals.

For nearly ten years. I have served as a District Court Judge in Cumberland County. While I preside in all areas of our courts, my designation is that of Family Court Judge and I am a Certified Juvenile Court Judge. It is especially in these courts that I am keenly aware of the importance of good judges. I see families in crises, divorce, substance abuse, and violence in their homes and in their communities. It has been my responsibility to competently, fairly and ethically address all matters which come before me. My responsibilities are great. Judges must uphold the law and apply it fairly. My experience as a District Court Judge will serve this state well on the Court of Appeals.

I am asking for your support. I am also requesting that you help me spread the word that my race is non-partisan and will appear on the back of your ballot. A straight ticket vote will not elect me. You must find my name on the ballot and vote for me. Please visit my website at www.judgecheribeasley.com and feel free to contact me. With your help, this will be a successful election.

Judge Cheri Beasley for NC Court of Appeals

Paid for by Judge Beasley for NC Court of Appeals | Alfred Jones, CPA, Treasurer
PO Box 6 | Fayetteville, NC 28302
P: (910) 423-7712 | E: ElectJudgeCheri@gmail.com