N&O just can't quit the Puppetshow


I confess to mostly ignoring the N&O these days, but for some reason I drifted to their editorial page today, in hopes of finding at least a hint of independence and insight. But what do I see instead? One of Art Pope's Puppets laying out a partisan plan to defeat Obama.

If the N&O were a house, the Puppets would be termites, destroying from within. The owners of the house, meanwhile, slap paint over the rot, creating the illusion of a sturdy structure, even as it crumbles under the weight of their neglect.


The N&O lets the right poison its own well.

I appreciated the chance to see how hopeless the right really is. This editorial drops the bravado and shows that their only hope is to suppress the vote and block any efforts Obama leads to help regular, working people.

Choice quotes:

The Obama administration will try and position him as a modern day LBJ - getting things done for the middle class and the poor.

The right wouldn't have to worry about this problem if they did a damn thing to help the middle class and the poor.

Obama's next agenda item is "immigration reform" which - unless it is defeated - will further broaden the left's constituency, strengthen the unions and undermine the rule of law.

Similarly, the right doesn't even have a plan to broaden their constituency.

This op-ed just shows they're screwed. I'm totally fine with the N&O letting the right poison it's own well.

Interesting on two levels.

There's the N&O/Locke link, of course, which is the main point of the post.

I don't know the individual players well enough to understand whether the new (relatively speaking) management at the N&O is actually philosophically inclined toward the hard right. Based on their unsigned editorials, I wouldn't think so, but I'm subject to correction by those who have followed the personal ties more closely.

My default assumption would be that they're taking free content from where it's being provided on a consistent basis. That prominently includes the wingtipped wingnuts at the interlocking network of Lockies, of course. They have the dollars to pay staff to churn out material--poorly researched, ideologically slanted, but conventionally written and reasonably clear, so it meets what pass for contemporary journalistic "point of view" op-ed standards.

The changing economics of print journalism (shrinking reader base, shrinking ad revenues, big chain ownership) have produced such big drops in staff size and experience that the papers are taking more free content to plug the holes. Yes? Am I missing something? Does the N&O consistently reject equivalent progressive material? I admit that I don't read it regularly enough any more to know.

The other interesting thing about the Rotterman piece is its content. Craig's point is well taken that it reflects a clear abandonment of any pretense of going after the growing Hispanic vote. More thoughtful Republican analysts recognize that as suicidal.

From a national interest standpoint, we need vigorous competition between political viewpoints. But the contemporary Republican party is becoming a charicature of far-right rhetoric. If it fails to make big gains in this fall's elections, it could well implode.

If so, good riddance. We need a moderate alternate choice at election time, and today's GOP no longer provides any semblance of one.

Dan Besse

I doubt this is happening

Does the N&O consistently reject equivalent progressive material?

As John Hood recently revealed, the Pope machine has focused sharply on creating free content for newspapers like the N&O. That means they're not just providing it for free, they're shaping it to be more palatable for the newspaper in question. As close as possible to the desired word count/column space, properly edited and polished, the appearance of suitable research to please the lawyers, etc.

I'm not sure Progressive entities have even attempted to fashion their material in such a way, and are probably more focused on in-depth analysis of each issue.

Well then,

is it worth urging entities like N.C. Policy Watch to provide more print-friendly content for the N&O and other publications? It is pretty annoying to contemplate a set of readers being Hoodwinked by default.

Dan Besse


They may already do this, but if they used a piece of research and developed a "media" version of it, it might be worth the effort. I don't know.

Maybe Adam or Chris or Rob can give us an idea if they do this (or have thought about it).

N&O Bans Term " Tea Baggers" Brown Baggers food fight breaks out

But Bob! You are aware that the Brown Baggers were the first Brown Shirts in history who couldn't afford Lunch Pails during the Great German Depression?..thanks....cmb

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Brown Baggers? Not a problem.

On Apr 3, 2010, at 7:31 PM, Connie Berry wrote:

I agreed Bob! But what about Brown Baggers who eat lunch on the steps of the State Capital...Anti-Orwellian free speech fools want to know? ..cmb

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