N&O kisses up to Tillisberger

I couldn't believe my eyes -- but there it was, a great big Koch brothers AFP advertisement for the NC GOP, right there in the Raleigh News & Observer. On the front page even! "Kinder, gentler Republican legislators!" screamed the headline.

I knew that the newspaper business was going downhill, but I couldn't believe that they were so desperate for advertising dollars that they would lead their Sunday edition with such propaganda.

And then -- then the stark truth hit me. This piece of fiction was billed as a news story! Written by real N&O reporters and everything! As the NCGA leaves town with the earth scorched just as much as ever, the N&O asked:

Is this the kinder, gentler Republican legislature?

(Answer, hell no!). Thom Tillis must be thrilled that the N&O prominently featured his lie of the year:

“I actually believe if the Democrats were in the majority ... this would probably look a lot like (their) budget,” Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis said during debate on the House floor.

If you "actually believe" that, Thom, you'd need to travel a few million miles just to get near reality. But you don't believe it, of course, you just served up that propaganda in the hopes that someone would repeat it. Who would have thought the N&O would feature it?

The N&O's campaign commercial goes on, with inane attempts to support their "kinder, gentler" premise with garbage such as this:

GOP leaders also shunned other hot-button issues such as guns, women’s health and voting rights, [...]

The reporters know full well that short sessions are supposed to be about budgets, and they even admit that the reason that GOP leaders "shunned other hot-button issues" is because there just ain't much more left to do when you've already pushed the limits of extremism.

[...] a year after approving laws to allow firearms in bars, restrict abortions and require a voter ID at the polls.

There are all sorts of legitimate themes that could be extracted from the recent short session. But a "kinder, gentler GOP" ain't one of them. It's not rational or impartial. Senator Josh Stein, as usual, nailed it.

But he pointed to other areas where GOP leaders still advanced controversial legislation, such as new laws to legalize fracking, revoke local taxing authority and repeal the Common Core education standards.

“It’s not like these guys were all soft and fuzzy,” he said. “They were still ideological and I think extreme in the way they governed.”

Yet in spite of such plain truth evidence to the contrary, the N&O went with "kindler, gentler GOP", thus saving the Kochs and Tillis a quite few bucks in campaign ads.



As James, scharrison and others have pointed out, the mainstream media, in particular the N&O, makes it a habit to call on Art Pope's propaganda machine to get biased sound bites for most of their political stories. They dress up the hogwash as legitimate commentary.

Did they do that for this story? Check!

Tillis’ campaign contributed to the acrimony this session between the House and Senate, said John Hood of the conservative John Locke Foundation.

“It has been a very intense session in terms of differences between the House and Senate,” Hood said. “I don’t think anybody is getting everything they want.”

The N&O is so used to automatically including Pope propaganda that they apparently just tossed this one in without reading it, because if they had paid attention, they might have noticed:

  1. Hoodie (GASP!) actually said something mostly true. Obvious and not helpful, but mostly true.
  2. The Locked in the John quote doesn't bear any relationship whatsoever to the N&O's ridiculous theme of "kinder, gentler Republicans"
  3. But the Noyz from the Hood does suggest something that could have been a legitimate central theme, had the N&O chosen to do some real reporting: this short session was largely about much of the NC GOP trying to get Thom Tillis elected US Senator.

See, that would have been a more accurate headline and story, and it could have been real news rather than jumping on the bandwagon.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Ups & downs

The N&O often soars to great heights, especially with its award-winning investigative reporting.

Today reminds us that they also can sink to considerable depths.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Years ago, We thought of the N&O

as a wholly owned subsidiary of Art Pope's Glittery Opinion Manufacturing Machine. Nothing has happened in recent years to change that. It seems to be a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome.

It use to be the best paper

It use to be the best paper around, but that was 30 years ago. Reading the article this morning I got the impression that this was written by their buddies at the Charlotte Observer. I know they share stories and reporters to one degree or another.

I'm a moderate Democrat.