North Carolina

We have a lot going on today in North Carolina as you all know. You can feel the excitement in the air. We aren't accustomed to our primary being so important to those outside our state and getting the attention here in North Carolina that we've been getting. Now let me say first of all that I'm pleased that I don't have an opponent in today's primary so I can relax a bit. However, I can't help thinking as I watch what is happening that it isn't nearly as important what happens today as is what happens tomorrow.

As I watch what is happening here on the ground, I wonder how we can keep this excitement going forward into November. I believe that after today as we begin our march toward the general election that we have to work together regardless of what side we may have been on before today. As a candidate for Congress who lost a close election by only 329 votes, I know how hard it is to leave it behind and move forward but we have to do just that.

Too much is at stake to do anything else. My opponent for instance is the third largest investor out of the entire House and Senate in companies profiting from the war in Iraq. I'm a school teacher running against a multi-millionaire. We have to work together to win from the Courthouse to the White House and we can't do it without you.

You know there are two big events happening today. In addition to our primary it is also National Teacher Appreciation Day. If you're with me, please, in honor of all the teachers who taught us to get along well with others, help me celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day and join my campaign to take our country back with a donation or as a volunteer.

Together we can.


Thanks BlueNC

Work hard today, and good luck to good Democrats.

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Larry Kissell
Democratic Candidate for Congress
North Carolina's 8th District

Someone Working...For a Change

No sour grapes

Hey Larry.

I appreciate your call to unity, and I'm confident we'll get there - hopefully sooner than later.


Children's exit poll

A recent diary about an exit poll conducted today by children in your district said that over 450 people had voted by early afternoon. According to data from the NC board of elections web site, 591 people voted early in the Democratic primary in that precinct. This is a precinct that you won 741-616. If that level of enthusiasm carries through to the general election, I wouldn't be surprised if that one precinct gave you the extra 330 votes you'd need to win.

Fun to think about , isn't it?

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.