North Carolina '08: Showin' Our True Colors

There seems to be this idea that North Carolina is just like any other red state that voted for George W. Bush. Twice.

People outside North Carolina just see that our state's just another state in a sea of red. They don't know about the strong Democratic leadership our state has at the state level. They don't know that Governor Easley enjoys approval ratings that Elizabeth Dole could only dream of.

Rasmussen Reports has a new poll out, and if people in other states paid any attention to it, they'd realize that on the 2008 electoral map, North Carolina could show its one and only true color: Carolina Blue.

The full Rasmussen article and poll can be found here.

What does it say?

Well, in head-to-head matchups against the top Republican contenders, Hillary Clinton ties two, beats one, and is only trailing by 1 percent to the other:

Clinton 44%
Thompson 44%

Clinton 43%
McCain 43%

Clinton 46%
Romney 41%

Clinton 43%
Giuliani 44%

What's more is that Clinton is viewed favorably by fewer North Carolinians than any Republican contender except for Romney, yet she's still competitive against all four of them.

Republicans thanked God when Hillary Clinton began her bid for President, saying she could never be elected. Now, it seems, if she does capture the Democratic nomination, the Republicans aren't any better off.

What else does this mean? Well, if Hillary Clinton can be competitive in this state, then what makes anyone think that Jim Neal can't be? There seemed to be some concern, both on BlueNC and DailyKos, that Hillary Clinton on the top of the ticket would do nothing but hurt local Democrats in 2008. Well, it looks like there's no need to worry, especially if we have an open, honest candidate with a fresh face to get rid of Liddy Dole, ushering in a new, progressive government that all North Carolinians can support.

I'm not saying Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, but what I am saying is that if Hillary Clinton is competitive in our state, any Democrat can be, but we've got to work hard to make it a reality -- both nationally and statewide. We all know that these things don't just happen on their own. It takes activists, volunteers, and candidates you can trust, working together to make North Carolina a better place. We're no longer the state of Jesse Helms and it's time that we proved that to the rest of the United States.

The political climate favors a progressive majority in 2008. That means we've got to start now. That means we've got to make every North Carolinian aware of what Liddy Dole has failed to do for them. We've got to make it clear that there is a way to get this country back on the right track!

We can do it, and 2008's the year it will be done. North Carolina can finally be proudly painted in true Carolina Blue.

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Of course, the latest Rasmussen also shows

Former Senator John Edwards now attracts 50% support in the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey matching him with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He leads Giuliani 50% to 41%. The poll also shows Edwards with a ten-point advantage over former Senator Fred Thompson, 49% to 39%.


Edwards currently leads the top four Republican candidates by an average of nearly nine points. Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton leads the top GOP hopefuls by an average of six points while Barack Obama holds an average lead of five points

SE NC Dems

Stan Bozarth

something that came to me the other night

I seem to be writing campaign materials in my sleep, but I was thinking all those soldiers who were solid red four years ago are coming home to vote, and their families are, and keeping the same Bush policies are very, very unattractive. And Liddy Dole is so out of touch - if I recall correctly, doesn't she live at the Watergate Apts/Hotel? I was just composing this rant :

Liddy Dole sleeps at the Watergate, so she doesn't see the children in North Carolina who are sick and need health insurance. Liddy Dole sleeps at the Watergate, so she doesn't meet the soldiers who were charged 400% on payday loans. Liddy Dole sleeps at the Watergate, which reminds most normal people of a shameful time of presidential abuse, but not her. She doesn't worry her mind about people who can be picked up off the street and taken to a secret gulag, because it isn't anyone she would ever meet at the cocktail parties inside the Beltway. Because Liddy Dole sleeps in the Watergate, she does not hear the problems of people in North Carolina when their wells go dry, and their crops fail. And their children can't afford college - because Liddy Dole has no children and her husband votes in Kansas, and people she knows are doing very well indeed,

and Liddy Dole sleeps in the Watergate.


Though it's hard to imagine how she actually does sleep - knowing the death and destruction she's created by her down-the-line votes with the Decider.

Sort of like Flipper Hayes and pregnant teens. It's a wonder the man can look in the mirror.

Very nice summary of the politics of North Carolina.

On my rounds through the blogosphere, I try to get people to understand the dynamics of the political scene in North Carolina. As you say, they consider us to be a "red" state. I try to get across the fact that we have a Democratic majority in the State House and the State Senate. We have a Democratic Governor. We have more Democratic Representatives to the house of Representatives than Republics. We also have two Republic Senators, but since they are the only outlier in our political landscape, we plan to send them into retirement in the next few years and replace them with progressive Democratic Senators.

I want the rest of America to know that North Carolina is the first domino in turning the rest of the South blue! We have some serious fighters here on our side who won't take no for an answer. I'm comfortable with the knowledge that given the facts (reality has a definate liberal bias) and the team of caring advocates we have here in this state, we will turn this state blue in the next couple of election cycles, if we can elect progressive Democrats that will STAND UP for our ideals and be the change our state and our country is crying out for.

Keep working it everyone. We will do it.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!


"If boiling people alive best served the interests of the American people, then it would neither be moral or immoral." Max Borders, Civitas Institute

I'm no longer worried about the top of the ticket.

I'm convinced that 2008 is going to be a very blue year - all over NC. I excited by it. I'm hoping that the top of the ticket will be other than Mrs. Clinton, but I can live with her, as well. As long as Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot and each other in the face, we're going to be just fine.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

It wouuld be wonderful

if NC's more progressive enclaves spawned at least more moderate politics statewide as a starting point. Lest all of you posters that consider anything outside the Triangle and Asheville a no go zone....there are some liberals over here in The Great State of Mecklenburg. A county that has vote reliably blue in recent national elections. Especially in the Charlotte city neighborhoods. Dilworth where I am living being the Latte Liberal neighborhood on the south side. As opposed to funkier NoDa, Elizabeth and Plazamidwood 'hoods on the East side of town.

Good gracious am I glad to see you

I'd pretty much given up hope for the Great State of Mecklenburg. Yours is the first voice that's given me a glimmer of optimism in forever!

Hope you'll stick around and help us learn how we can engage with the Queen City to build a more progressive base all across the state.


I plan on it

Democrats hold majorities on City Council and County Commission currently. And are projected to continue after City Council Elections in Nov. Mecklenburg routinely votes Democratic on a local level. We are constantly getting transplants from NYC and Cali so I expect this trend to solidify. State Rep. Beverly Earle has waged a very grass roots barebones campaign against our proudly neanderthal Republican Mayor Pat McCrory but he is very entrenched and is likely to trounce her.Just like he has trounced all of his Democratic opponents over the years. He has bipartisan support and is a tool of the Banks and Big Business so he is rather untouchable. The Mecklenburg Democratic Party does a great job maintaining our majorities across the board but we can't ever seem to regain the Mayor's Office. It's very annoying!

warms the cockles...

I look for every opportunity to push on the progressive line with candidates.

I got a call asking for money tonight for Senator Kerry????????
they now think they have to ask NC for money for Massachusetts supposed progressives? I am keeping my money here to elect more dems here. and they better know how to say universal health care. and surge in diplomacy. and out of Iraq, and no more coal...The post about Perdue and Moore was a great example of how to push.

Holding feet to the fire. standing up for what you believe. etc. i depend on this site.


Let's not turn this State Carolina Blue

It is such an ugly color. Let's just color it Democratic Blue.

i agree

Can we paint it State Red and just elect Democrats?

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

I was waiting for you to weigh in on that!

Personally don't care what color it is - as long as we elect Democrats who have the balls to stand up for Democratic Principles.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

^second that, Mark Warner is

^second that, Mark Warner is all but guranteed to be the next senator in VA meaning both senators will be Democrats. They are more likely to turn blue in regards to the presidential race.

Nice screen name!

"If boiling people alive best served the interests of the American people, then it would neither be moral or immoral." Max Borders, Civitas Institute