The NRA has invested over ten million in Burr & Tillis


Don't expect any sensible gun regulations any time soon:

NRA groups have spent nearly $7 million on behalf of Burr. That includes $5.6 million that NRA groups spent last year against his Democratic opponent, Deborah Ross. That was more than the NRA spent against any candidate with the exception of Hillary Clinton.

And Tillis has gotten $4.5 million in help, including independent expenditures against his 2014 opponent, then-incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan.

Considering there have been 273 mass shootings (4 or more people shot) in the last year, it's not a huge stretch to describe this as blood money. You know what else this signifies? The NRA was scared shitless they could lose these statewide races in North Carolina. You know, like they did when Roy Cooper retook the Governor's mansion for the Democratic Party. Think on that.



Tillis is pretty dang bad,

but Burr is useless. I made the mistake of watching him (live) on Fox News earlier today talking about how they've found "nothing" in the Russia probe that could be connected to Trump.

You can't take three steps in DC or Manhattan without stumbling over evidence of collusion between Moscow and TrumpCo, and this idiot can't find anything? Sheesh.