Obama Campaign rolls out Neighbor to Neighbor Canvassing Tool in NC

I may have missed this in the numerous emails I get, but the Obama campaign has launched a canvassing tool that is using the DNC Neighbor to Neighbor software program. This is the same back end that the NCDP Constructing Victory program will be using.

Signing up was simple and I generated a walk list of 20 undecided voters within a one block radius of my house. Recognizing a few names on my block who have moved I entered this into the web site and moved up into 4th place in NC.

Canvassing is one of the most important methods we have to motivate and turn out voters. This tool is going to be a great help. Go to my.barackobama.com, login and look for the Neighbor to Neighbor link to sign up.


DTD is an invasion of privacy

My perspective: dtd is an invasion of privacy. Just because all campaigns do it doesn't make it right.

Canvassing may work.

If the person on the phone or on the door step actually understands their problems, issues, and concerns. If the person is “like them”.

But calling people really pisses them off. I should know. I did 1000’s of voluteer calls in 04 into Cleveland and in 06 into Northern Virginia for Webb. What did I get, mostly, if there was someone on the other end of the line? Pissed off voters. That is what.

I have over 60,000 people who have registered at StopPoliticalCalls.org because they are sick and tired of politicians feeling like they have the right to:

- email them
- send direct mail
- robo call them
- phone them
- canvass them

Part of the problem in US politics is that voters don’t believe any of this stuff, even when it comes from a live person.

This is my issue: Why would a farmer in IN or Iowa or anywhere want to have a discussion about XXXX candidate with someone that does not live in their state and neighborhood.

Door to door canvassing works only when it is like people talking to like people.

Why. Because it is neighbors talking to neighbors.

Remember Dean’s orange hats in Iowa before the caucuses? All those kids in farm land who did not have a clue about farming and their lives.

Did they do a thing for Dean?

What gives people the right to invade the privacy of voters and ask them who they are voting for?

There is no right to invade the privacy of voters. None.



Shaun Dakin – CEO & Founder
The National Political Do Not Contact Registry
-- A non-partisan, non-profit program by Citizens for Civil Discourse
Register Your Phone Number Now for Free: http://www.StopPoliticalCalls.org/

Shaun Dakin
CEO and Founder
The National Political Do Not Contact Registry
Register Now for Free: http://www.StopPoliticalCalls.org/


Nothing like a rant AGAINST political involvement to remind me that there are all types of people in this world.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"