OLF- Site C update....McIntyre responds...

After weeks of faxing and numerous letters McIntyre's office called this evening and apologized for being slow to respond on the OLF issue. However, his staff person said Representative McIntyre is now talking with the Southern Environmental Law Center and, while wanting to remain "friendly" with the military, is asking if there isn't another approach to solving the Navy's needs.

The staff person mentioned it would be helpful if other Congressmen were being contacted about this. So...all I can say is let's give Walter Jones a real whipping on this...letters and faxes and emails...and let's also ask our other Dems to get involved.

Please...send an email or fax or call your congressman. All the contact Numbers are quickly available on my blog SE NC Dems...my blog


good job

on keeping after them.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

Actually, Rep. McIntyre

The time for "friendly" has passed. NC tried to be friendly.

It didn't work.

NC said, 'Fine, come on down. Just not there.'

The Navy insists on having their own way.

It's time to fish or cut bait, Navy. Put it in a mutually acceptable place or go elsewhere.
We really DON'T need you. We have plenty of military around and we like them.

NC likes TEAM players. We don't need a squadron of quarterbacks, thank you very much.