One More Democratic House Seat for NC is One Click Away

A couple of months ago, someone I know (wink) discovered that the domain "" was available for purchase. So it got purchased. And now it's up and needs some traffic. Please click through:

In 2004, the 5th district took a chance on Virginia Foxx, electing her to the United States Congress.

She had the opportunity of a lifetime, to serve our district with honor and to pursue legislation that would strengthen our local economies and improve the lives of the families who live here.

Instead, she bargained on the policies of a failed president and stood with the masters of industry, profiting from the oil and health care lobbies, while the towns and cities of North Carolina’s 5th district– Sparta and Mt. Airy, Winston-Salem and Statesville and Boone and Jonesville and Wilkesboro and so many others– struggled, bled tax dollars and begged Virginia Foxx to see the harsh reality of the situation:

That the voters of the 5th district need more than shrill partisan bickering and a postcard on their birthday; we need an effective Congressman who will fight for the interests of OUR businesses and OUR voters, not for Chevron and Bristol Myers Squib and Roger Clemens.

If you were laid off within the last four years, she voted against you.

If you lost your house to foreclosure, she voted against you.

If you’re paying too much for gas, she’s been working with the gas companies and voting against you.

If you struggled to pay for health care for a child or elderly relative, she voted against them, too.

The chance we took on Virginia Foxx is ours to take back. And this November, we will.


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Oh well played!

The chance we took on Virginia Foxx is ours to take back. And this November, we will.