An open letter to Apple and Amazon

Dear Apple, Amazon, and any other company considering North Carolina:

I am writing to ask that you delay consideration of North Carolina until November 7, 2018, the day after our next election. On that Wednesday morning, we will all have a clear picture of what the future of our state holds.

If Republicans retain control over our legislature, North Carolina will not be a place you or your employees will want to live, unless they are bigots and racists. What's more, the families of your workers will face a crumbling public school system with overcrowded classrooms and not enough good teachers. In addition, your families could easily find themselves living next to a stinking hog farm or contaminated drinking water. People are literally being poisoned as a result of criminal public policy.

If Democrats win, your workers and their families will be able to enjoy the beauty of North Carolina, knowing our state is in responsible hands. Democrats will restore funding to public schools, ensure that public drinking water is safe. Your workers won't have to be embarrassed to say what state they're from.

Like Trump himself, our Republican leaders have no interest in democracy. They've chosen the path of greed and corruption, and they will stop at nothing to maintain power. This article in the New York Times is only the latest in example of the corruption we're facing.

I know it's a lot to ask, but please hold off making a decision. If North Carolina voters do the right thing and elect a Democratic majority, you can choose our state with confidence. But if Republicans stay in power, you should definitely steer clear. Things will only get uglier and you most certainly don't want to be part of that.

Your friend,


PS I encourage you to be part of our political process. By telling our state that you are watching and waiting, perhaps more people will understand what's at stake. We're doing everything we can to turn the tide, and we could use your help.