Open letter to David Rouzer

Dear Congressman Rouzer.

We read on your website that you consider yourself an advocate for working people. You even say you are concerned about public health crises, like the opioid epidemic. So I'm writing to ask, "Why the hell are you supporting a president who will literally kill hundreds of thousands of people by allowing asbestos back into US consumer products?"

  • FACT: Dr. Donald Trump, Ph.D. in Nothing, has declared asbestos is safe. His EPA will now allow asbestos back into US products and building materials.
  • FACT: 100% of real scientists agree that asbestos is fatally dangerous. Millions of people have died or been disabled from asbestos exposure.
  • FACT: Russia is the only country in the world exporting asbestos to the United States.

Congress has a moral and legal obligation to keep Americans safe. But as far as we can see, you and other Republicans in Congress are doing absolutely nothing to rein in the president.

Please explain your inaction.

The Protzman Family



Campaigns have to find a way to localize national issues

I'm surprised that every Democratic candidate for Congress isn't pressing their Republican opponents to take a stand on the asbestos issue. Millions of people have died from asbestos exposure, and most of us know some of those people by name.

Republicans are guilt of many things, including treason. But the asbestos issue is real and dirty and indisputably bad public policy. Candidates are either with Trump or against him. And if they're against him, it can't be just happy talk. If they're not filing legislation to block Trump's actions, they're part of the problem.