Open thread

Steve Harrison:

Our water supply is precarious and costly to maintain as it is. Permanently contaminating millions of gallons to frack each well is beyond reckless behavior.


Musings on Merica

From a post at Ed's place.

I believe we are arriving at a point where our country is completely hollowed out. With continuing deficit hysteria ruling the roost in terms of public policy, the only thing we can be sure of is a downward spiral as the rich horde resources, cities go bankrupt, and the safety net for those most at risk continues to be shredded.

Instead of a country, we are devolving into a collection of warring factions ... our states ... with growing inequalities, degraded, environmental protections, bigger gaps between haves and have nots, and the growth of corporate oligarchies.

States aside, the only thing Merica seems to be really good at is providing a free-wheeling infrastructure for producing and selling a broad range of military paraphernalia. The most effective "job creators" exist as parasites inside the military-industrial-Congressional complex.

Were it not for Uncle Sam spending on a never-ending stream of new weapons, military boondoggles, and related accessories, our economy would look like Spain's.