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Mexico no

I'm glad to see Mexico taking steps to reduce its complicity in the US war on drugs. Too bad Obama and Congress won't do the same.

It's time to end the failed war on drugs.

Asheville Superfund Site "CTS Asheville"

CTS corporation of Elkhart, IN left a toxic leaking mess behind here in the Mills Gap Rd. community in South Asheville. This former electroplating facility has been on the radar of NCDENR and EPA for years and finally achieved superfund NPL status in march of 2012.

We have a petition on calling for the full scale cleanup of the site by the corporation responsible for the contamination. They no longer have a business presence here in NC. Thus why we are seeking signatures for this petition to bring public pressure to the company to do the "right thing". In their annual report to shareholders CTS Corp expresses their core belief in doing the "right thing". However, for the past 25 years they have done everything but "the right thing" in regards to this sight. Please join us in calling for CTS Corp to carry out a complete and full scale cleanup of this site.

We currently have 853 signatures and would love to reach at least 1000. This issue is bigger than Asheville and even NC. By signing this petition you are supporting this community's call for social and environmental justice.




cts asheville

thanks!! Jim


Trolls have been on my mind today. Dark, creepy people who have nothing better to do than try to disrupt and disparage. One such creature, however, has given me food for thought ... to the point of encouraging me to restate the purpose of BlueNC.

For a while, I have been taking the perspective that anyone was welcome here. It's sort of like opening your house to any and all visitors who happen to be passing by. That's all fine and good until those visitors start crapping on your furniture, throwing mud on your walls, and pissing on the carpet. With that unfortunate metaphor in mind, I've restated our "about" copy as follows:

BlueNC is dedicated to making North Carolina a more progressive and prosperous state. If your intention is to disrupt or disparage, please find somewhere else to express your opinions.

Thank you! Finally!

This I can respect. Stand for your ideals don't be a weasel about it! Just as I unabashedly stand for mine. So you should too! You just weren't doing that. It was obvious that you other statement was not true you did not really welcome other view points.

You could thank me really.

But now you should openly discuss anything with anyone because countering their arguments will only make yours stronger, or you stronger.

baby steps though.

Thank you.

Your contributions are most appreciated. Now you can go away.