Open thread: Count the messes

Cansler. HHS. EDS. CSC. FUBAR. The only honest thing I can think of to do is rebid the whole durn project. In fact, rebidding right now could probably deliver a substantially lower price given the pressure big system integrators are under.


Another mess: Republicans and TABOR

They're at it again, looking for ways to remove options for policy makers instead of looking for ways to add options. In this case, it's the old, misguided approach to controlling spending through a Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The only "rights" the GOP would be in favor of are the rights of people in need of public assistance to be screwed. Their one-trick pony is about due to be put out to pasture.

Here's a fun picture

From a national park in China. Imagine trying to have a sidewalk like this here in the US? Don't think so.

That's my daughter in yellow.

Medicaid Claims

Further slowing down the Medicaid claims contract would probably cost more than any savings you'ld get from rebidding.